Overcame a huge urge

I’m on day 12 and I just got some Seriously strong urges, this was the level of urge I have never overcome in the hundreds of times I have tried.

I won’t lie, I looked at some stuff I shouldn’t have, and I got so overwhelmed that I was about to grab my dick and start wanking it hard, but I then thought of going back to day zero, the guilt, shame, feeling of hopelessness, and I just instantly turned off the porn and used the help button on this app.

Now even though I looked at porn which I am not allowed to, I still feel pride because I have NEVER come back from an urge like this, so instead of feeling like shit I feel that I’m making real progress.


Congratulations, thats a brave victory.

Man that’s awesome i’m on day 17 and the same thing happened to me, i also watched but resisted, it was really hard but i feel stronger now let’s keep fighting!


Another brave man. If that ever happen to me I’ll think of you to be strong and not a weak man in the hand of those people that are destroying our minds with their shit.


That’s absolutely amazing and shows how far you are. With this mindset I’m sure that you are able to resist porn forever. Just keep fighting every day

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Keep fighting. It’s better to feel the urge and see it gets away. It is hard to tackle urges. but one thing do remember “edging cause you to relapse”. avoid edging and remain unbeaten.

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