Over mAsturbation and immediate result

So i masturbated after 6 days… i enjoyed that act… and didnt felt so weak as previously i was addicted for twice a week…
so the next day i again got horny… so watched explicit cntent and jerk off again… after few mins… i felt that still i got some energy left… and sadly i did it again…means 2 times in a single night… total 3 times within 24 hrs…

and then i got results when i slept and wake up.
i was feeling drained, with no energy, headache… and slight fever…
and 2 days later im still on fever and headache…

the message is this… that if u ever want to jerk off… never to it “over”… like i did and weakened my immune system… so plz avoid it.


hi bro! sorry to hear about your relapse but you can always try again!

why not do meditation or exercise if u are having urges? according to my experience, one brings two. one relapse will lead to two more relapse for sure . and even more. so be aware of that fact you are not relapsing once, cuz one relapse brings more relapses!


If you relapsed more than 2 times ,then

  1. drink more water after relapse.
  2. take sleep at least 4 hrs
  3. drink juice of fruits for energy …
  4. no mobile for 24 hrs

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