Our war against PMO

No, not a metaphor anymore.

Join our army.

We are in a war against PMO. We are an army, we are all soldiers.

To join this army, just write your name in the replies.

At least once per week, for every day of your streak add 1 point in the “Deaths” board to the PMO army. It’s called like that because they’re actually our enemies death.
Altough for every relapse, in the PMO army there are new soldiers to replace those you’ve killed before.
[Basically, the score is everyone’s current streak summed up]

[Everything sexual but sex without protections and with your wife/husband counts as a relapse, not because I want you to have HIV, because it mustn’t be to have pleasure, but if you’re doing it because you want a son/daughter it’s ok]

One person between us is the leader. They direct our army (Can change name, flag, declares when we conquer new terrain etc…), updates all the statistics but the actual score and the “Army” board (They’re updated individually, everyone adds their part, or else it would be too hard for only one person to keep track of them) and they represent the army. Right when the leader relapses, another one is chosen by the old one.

A leader can also choose who is a knight (If the person wants to be one). Basically knights help the leader in everything, like deciding if something is a war crime or who the next leader should be. Knights have less power than the leader but more than other soldiers and they stop being knights only after 3 relapses.
The same person can be a leader/knight more than once, but they must be chosen again

There are war crimes, things like sharing NSFW posts in this thread, updating the score to a wrong value on purpose or similiar things. If someone commits a war crime, they’re out of the challenge. The leader itself must decide if he deserve to come back after at least 10 days.

The leader must update the “History” board everytime something peculiar happens. (Name/flag changes, the leader changes, a new knight comes or goes away, a war crime is commited etc…)

[Optional but really appreciated:]
Post memes, videos, tell us if you are feeling an urge, how to avoid urges, advices etc…

Remember to write your name in the Army section and update the score

We will start when at least other 10 people have joined the army.



Deaths in the PMO army

[Everyone updates this section]
[1+ For every day of your current streak]

Highest number of enemie’s death ever reached:
Lowest number of enemie’s death ever reached:

Current charges

[The leader updates this section]
[Name] - [Charge]


[The leader updates this section]
[Day] - [Fact]


[The leader updates this section]
[Day] - [Old charge > New charge] - [Name]


[Everyone updates this section]

War crimes

[The leader updates this section]
[Name] - [Crime] - [Day]


It’s @Human108
I wanna join this challange
My sharing code: lenbkb

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I updated some values because it was too easy

A kinght can relapse 3 times before becoming a normal soldier again

Now the score is everyone’s streak summed up
Sorry for changes at the very beginning XD

Do you know I had the idea for this challenge yesterday at 11:30 PM? Lol


I’m in, My sharing Code : k8vnil

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@Yash24 @Human108 I’ve already added your streak and name to the board, but please update the board when you can!


If you know a better name for this challenge please tell me, I don’t really like this one XD

I think it’s pretty cool though!

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Oh, ok then! I’ll leave it like that!

The share code isn’t needed anymore, because if someone wants to cheat they could do it as well. Sadly for this challenge is required for everyone to update his streak, so it’s hard to prevent cheating…

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… Guys I’m sorry to say it this early but I relapsed… @Human108 is it fine for you to be the next leader?

So Human108 isn’t active…? @Yash24 will YOU be the next leader?
Btw this challenge is boring now because we are only 3, but when more people come (If they will. I hope . _.) It’ll be funnier

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Yeah more people need to join , now it’s boring. We start this one when atleast 10 members join this challenge.

Good idea! I’m updating the rules rn

Rip this challenge. F. :confused:

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