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hello, guys I am here to introduce something about yogic culture. Please don’t consider it religious, it’s a lifestyle.

The minimum days it takes to form a habit is not 21 Days. In yogic cultures it is elaborate to 42 Days; 21 is just a half way journey.

42 days is equivalent to 1008 hours, its auspicious number in yogic system.

It takes minimum 10,000 hours to master some habit. 42 days of set for 10 times will make you master, if followed like monk.
It means you have to avoid any possible fall like movie or social media or procrastinate or any thing.

1008 is auspicious number to end something. root value 9 represent destruction or end. Anything ends with 9, 1008 root value is 9.

You have heard of Nikola Tesla talked about significances of 3, 6 and 9. He said that, one who understands the mystery of 3, 6 and 9, also understand life.

3- Generator
6- Organiser
9 - Destroyer

This is GOD

Same theory mentioned in yogic system as AUM(ॐ), classified as A(अ)3, U(उ)6 and M(म)9…

Explained clearly in Hindu Scriptures

It’s just knowledge sharing for those who follows Nofap for Ultimate reason, which is Spirituality (not to be confuse with Religion), other can scroll down.


Great explanation. Thank you. At least 42 days to create a new path. :+1:



How?? How a =3 and all?? Can you explain??

See, the word ॐ made of three अ, उ, म. In advance spirituality, one has to get concept about all related topic like one has to understand or gets concepts of engineering and physics, not mere mugging up the things.

Likewise, here the very foundation of yogic culture is ॐ, whatever is path one follow one has to go through ॐ(aum).

The Same process Western people depicts in numerology, but essence remains the same.

I just talked a little, so that one who is interested might look for more and also to aware people about what’s the Nofap’s main objective.

Spirituality is the only thing for which have taken birth.

As there is many path, I appreciate all path. But I bring up and build in indian yogic system and that too Bhakti Vedant Darshan.

So I recommend to follow that path, but I do not deny other path. There are many aunthetic other path also.

Go for it.

Therefore, Nofap is must





Hello guys, I am completed by 42 Days in hard mode… Practicing for Monk mode in upcoming days…Else hard mode is always there…


Today I am going to tell my very simple trick to handle urge.

whenever urges hit me,I don’t wrestle with it.

I tell my mind that you can edge or watch or do anything, but just 20 minute later, till then just give me sometime.(I pictured my mind as powerful enemy which is ready to kill me, but before death I ask some time to calm and assurance myself).

In this 20 min, 5 min straight I called out God’s name vigorously and then start walking and thinking about my past beautiful moment (alert: don’t try picture failure bcoz mind will convice for dopamine) and then Drink water very slowly like tea and sat down again and asking my demon, I am ready…
…and the demon never answered till now




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