Only for my personal purpose ( not for any motivational kind things)

Day 21th
It’s really getting harder now . Some wave kinds ideas are still affecting my mind and want me to do masturbation .
photos & porn videos scenes witch i watched in past are playing in my mind . Which increases my desire & it’s showing the reward of pleasure which i can get .

But ther is some other part of my soul is trying to protect me & want me to realise the post effect of porn , like that guilt , very low self confidence , memory loss , weakness etc and how they affect my life.
It’s looks like my soul has two parts and thay are fighting with each other.
One part which only thinks about short terms happiness & enjoy even if it affect our Life in a very bad way in long-term. It’s not evil it’s just part of over soul which do not care about longterm effects it’s only cares about short term enjoy only. It became stronger when we give priority to this part in life.
While the other one part think about effects of my current decisions on my life in long-term. This part is always thinking about the longterm bad affect on myself because of our current mistakes. Due to desire of instant joy we do not give much importance to this part. So it becomes weaker than other one. It is our well wisher & god State part.

I know i have done many mistakes and gave less importance to my well wisher part but now i want to change myself.

It’s upto to me that which one part i want to make stronger.