One place for all the Useful Info

Hi Everyone,

This post is especially for the admin of this forum @Taher @Ash_Matt @neveragaintw.

There are many useful posts on this forum which can be consolidated at one place for the new member of this forum. Like this forum has great resource on NoFap. All the books, videos, general advice , Meditation, exercise. Some of the posts by @tagore @Jonsnow001 @JumpingBuddha @AmanJain and many others I can’t seem to recall. So these posts should be together at one place so that when any new person visit the forum he/she will have the immediate access of the resource. Also some of the basic FAQs comes repetitively like about night falls, Blue balls, and these things. So admin can arrange a page or link which should be clearly visible at the home page. I guess it should be really helpful to others. Others can also share their opinion on this.


Yeah, that’s a good idea. One that can be resolved using the global pin function I hope @Taher


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