One more relapse, now it's really screwed

Now it’s 03:06 hr in the morning, I needed to sleep, but because of the fault of having screwed with my sequence, now I looked at porn and masturbated again, I’m really shit.:sob::sob::sob:

My code: 694kbm


My friend,

Making a mistake is not bad, making the same mistake twice is;
And NOT learning from the mistakes is the WORST.
Once you start learning from mistake,
You will start moving forward.

Promise to yourself that you are not going to make the same mistake twice in life.
Then I can assure you that YOU WILL TASTE SUCCESS.


Thank you very much my brother, every restart is difficult, but we have all year 2020 to improve, we are together.

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Always see the positive side…

And be happy…

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Learn from that mistake. We are not Angels, some people hold on longer than others, you need to learn from their experience. Those forums are full with information, skim into it. Set for yourself a challenge, or join a challenge, people would support you. Reporting your progress would help you to keep up, knowing that other people support you there. It’s very hard to fight this addiction alone.


Thank you my brother, really did not know this community, I downloaded and installed the application and was surprised by the content, I do more interaction with a forum in Portuguese because I am Brazilian, nothing prevents from participating in an English forum, nothing that a Google Translator does not solve is not, thanks again for the support!

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