One more benefit for NOFAP

Dont Fap because it causes brain inflammation because of Hormonal changes and brain fog occurs with early aging. Stay healthy all of you and keep going.
If you will not do brahmacharya or nofap your brain will go mad.:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Kindly provide the reference article to this claim @StealthChopperinbond . Seems a bit far fetched so evidence would be good. :thinking:

I am not able to find that website but There was a mentioning of low testosterone/estrogen level in human male/female. As we fap sperms and semen come out. Sperm comes from testis and semen comes from prostate gland. If the sperm count is low. We will have low testosterone which will not show secondary sexual characters like deep voice, beard, etc. So i can say it can help in reducing brain inflammation if it is acute. Not the chronic one and if we maintain a healthy diet our brain fog can reduce faster.

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Thanks for the response even if you couldn’t provide the article. Testosterone/oestrogen do aid expression of secondary sexual characteristics and reduce inflammation. Three important things you should add are-

  1. Testosterone and oestrogen are anti-inflammatory not only in the brain but in the body as a whole.
  2. The article you read was most likely about low testosterone as a medical condition, not due to fapping.
  3. Lack of testosterone (abnormal/diseased) + diabetes in older men caused brain damage, not just low testosterone.

But it’s good info. Anyway testosterone and oestrogen are important hormones. NoFap is always beneficial.

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