One Day at a time

Its difficult for me to cross 1 day and there are few of them on this forum who have been relapsing everyday
For those who can go long streaks great and we all are proud of u
But for people like me who are stuck in chaser effect its difficult and it feels miserable
Also there are times when we feel the goal is too big and hence we have to wait for long time for that satisfaction of achieving the long goals but during the process we do lose the motivation
But u r not alone
And thats the reason i wanted to start this challenge
Any one on any day can participate and it starts from the moment u reply on this post and not tom or any other day
So i challenge my fellow companions lets take it one day at a time and slowly but surely achieve that big score of 7 days , 15 days, 21 days , 30 days and so on
Every one of us is stronger its just we pursue the demon to be stronger than us and hence we find ourselves weak
Its okay to ask for help and its very good to help
And i need ur help to win this
So lets do it guys

Every one reply as follows
Name : Darshan2017
Sharing code : 8vg18m
Current streak : Day 1

Here are few people whom i would like to invite as j have seen that they have relapsed recently like me
@NRiCK @Agantuk @Samaranjay invite others if u know who need help and if u cant do it or dont want to do it on day to day basis itsk

Lets go guys


Surely bro. But we seriously need to build a productive challenge group. That will truly be functional.

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Yeah I have uninstalled the app now so that I don’t focus on streak and take everyday as the same and an equal chance to grow.

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Join productivity challenge bro.


@Samaranjay nah nah. I mean productivity focusing more on education part


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