One confused Male needs active persons

Everything floods us with dopamine but it’s porn that overdoses us. Dopamine is what makes life happy. Its responsible for us liking music or running or eating or sex etc. Dopamine is not the issue but PMO is because of overstimulating the dopamine levels.

And like l keep saying i can’t go to the gym as l have a medical condition where i have chronic pain. The last thing i want is stressing out my muscles when working out and all. I know the benefits of gym work and nofap but not everyone has the privilege of doing so.

Anyways i will consider what you said

But some points are a bit unsure about but either way thanks for the advice


One thing i like about this forum and users that how polite we are, @Mitchy politely explained his issue that he can’t go to gym in good way i have seen people with issues and when asked they go crazy . People are very chill and humble here :grin::smile:

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Thanks and yeah when does crazy ever helped anyone to understand. Best to be equally understanding to the people that just don’t know what you going through. This forum has a lot of kind people and i can even call some of them my friends

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Everything that promotes a fast dopamine mindset sets u up for choosing the easy way more often. There is nothing bad about dopamine, as there is nothing bad about anything. It’s just the meaning we give to things. The question is what kind of dopamine do you want personally ? The thrill of finishing tasks and making steps towards becoming a better person (usually uncomfortable and hard - will be satisfying if ur system is desensitized) or do you want to spend time on satisfysing stuff that doesn’t take u anywhere? Idk in the end we have to choose ur goals and try to develop routines that promote success. If we really want change. It also helps to keep a balance, were still human beings and not “Success-robots”.

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