On Day 60 above But keep stimulating myself through Men Thongs and Sexy Underwears that I have

I stopped watching Porn forever long time ago but came back on day 59 but quit afterwards.
But my real trigger occurs through myself only and I just want to masturbate without any watchable content.

I can stimulate myself by seeing my own body and recently a month ago I just bought some sexy men thongs and underwears that make you feel sexy.

But now I created a weird thing with them and I keep going back to these Men thongs and stimulate myself through them but I never relapse.

Although I never edge yet Afterwards I feel like I have Relapsed.
How to stop my Sexy wearing thing where I can rewire fully.


Hello @Soumitra55, welcome to our community and thanks for sharing.

Ask yourself, if having those thongs and underwear is something you want in life or not. You said you feel shame, so most likely it’s not part of the person you want to be.

Just as with people having a “porn stash” on their computers, I’d suggest you first get rid of all that stuff. Just throw it away, you don’t need it. The next time you get triggered and think “oh, I’d really like to wear one of those thongs again” - STOP. Interrupt yourself and remember that you don’t want that as a part of your life, you are free.

Take care.

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You are right. I was just watching a great comedian ‘Kyle Cease’ turned into spiritual person.
And he was telling me the same thing that I still want to keep a part of that old story that wants to live because I am scared what will happen if I let go of that Porn and PMO story.
I have to let that go But to tell you the truth, this thing of finding myself sexy and masturbating to it is older then PMO and I always did that with my underwears even though I was a child.
I used to make them small to feel sexy and letting that go is not easy for me.
I like those Thongs and it’s not connected to PMO but it is leading me back to PMO and I am scared to get away from these thongs.
I keep them hidden in my house and I want to open about it but can’t. I just don’t know whether it’s good to let it go or not.