On and off – A believer

In 2019, I was a guy who watches porn and hentai whenever I feel the urge to masturbate. I always submit to my sexual hormone drives. It’s really hard to resist like it feels that I am resisting a food that is right in front of me. Not until July of the same year, I had a crush who is exceptionally beautiful in my description. I can’t even compare her alluring smile to the most beautiful celebrities here in our country. I had a chance to know her, befriend her, and lastly, tell her how much I like her. I was also guided by my father using his old fashion way in courting a girl. To make it short, I was rejected. Still, I maintain the quality of a real man by accepting defeat. Though, I cried because I know I had the pure and clear intention. Knowing her and becoming her friend will be one of the most unforgettable experience I had in my life. In that month, I was able to stop watching things in the next five months.

On the 9th day of November, I failed again and come back to my old self. I had many relapse last year and even on the last day, I even watched a 41-minute porn. How disgraceful I was even for a believer of Christ like me.

Lastly, just this year I thought I can finally start a fresh year to leave the filthy past behind me but I failed just before this writing. I read His Word and even prayed but still I fall to sin.

Yesterday, I declined. But it’s still never too late to start again and repent truly to God. As the day continues, I will now keep tracking my goal to completely stop watching porn and hentai which cause to defile one’s body and lowers self-confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to NoFap community on Reddit that I was able to find this app through Google app suggestions.

My journey has just started yesterday.

Please watch over me, Bros! :fist:

We can all do this! :facepunch:

Let’s hold tight until the last day of this classic blue color of the year! :blue_heart:

See James 4:5-10!!! :crown:


Yeah He**** are very nasty shit they promote things like rape. I know the regret you feel after watching it.
Porn basically shows how woman are objects for pleasure. Just a piece of meat.
But outside or there is a whole new world that we haven’t fully explored yet . We are trapped in this dirty cage , even though the door is open many decides to stay inside.
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Like you mentioned your crush and the feelings and intentions you had for her, that is what we should seek for. That is real pleasure. Once you clearly see what is wrong and what is right, you slowly realises you have already a path lying infront of you and now you know what to do.

By joining this community you have already stepped out of the cage, now you just have make this a reality.
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Thank you, Man.

She was able to help me (of course without here knowing it) to stop for about 5 months or so. I will never forget her.

I started the challenge to become someone else of His glory! :crown: