On a flatline? Not sure ... 🧐

Hey there, I’m not sure what’s going on. Today, I’m on my 12th day of NoPMO and just then today, I found myself without any motivation to undertake anything really, accompanied by a mild headache. I don’t even feel in to mood to masturbate right now.

Not much has changed really in the recent days, having some urges come and go, but I guess, that’s just normal and wasn’t really a fight. I just went on and thought nothing by it, considering it just normal.

Today, just drank tea and water today and tried to read something, only to find unnerved by myself. I’d be grateful if anybody had any other suggestions what to try.

Get some rest. Go out and get some sun. Once you just ignore the urges, it should get easier. But ignoring them is not as easy as it sounds.
Flatlined could happen from time to time. But they go away.


Thanks, man, I’ll just pull myself together and try that!

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