Official retirement from RC forum

Hi everyone :wave::slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you all guys are doing great in aspects of your life,nofap is just a small part.

It’s been almost going to be 1 year since I started using this app and learned about nofap,and all its acclaimed benefits. In this year, I have reduced to my m## habits more by 60% . In this journey I have met awesome guys. I wish I could ever meet you all in person.
The reason for quitting this app is because in this forum,I have bad reputation of being creepy which honestly hurts me. In my practical life,I’m quite shy boy. The reason I ask here whatever comes in my mind is because of anonymity. I could get all my doubts cleared without bothering my identity.

Since ever I had been blocked to accessthe server,I felt bad. I felt like I’m creepy dude who is disturbing to all folks here.

Again I apologize myself to you for being creepy.

Wish you all achieve greatness in whatever goal you have

Thanks for reading :sparkling_heart::relaxed:

Bye :wave: everyone


Good luck dude, idk what you talkin 'bout as I was absent for past few months, but whatever.
Don’t be disheartened by any downfalls as they are just a part of this journey and it’s these things that make us realise our mistakes so that we can rectify them.
Best of luck and never give up :+1::fire:


What was the true meaning of this post?

It was definately not to say an honest goodbye. I think if you can answer this question to yourself honestly, you will make a great step understanding your own self.


You are truly one of the gentleman I have seen in this forum who knows how to value others. You took your time to pen down your thoughts here, something which I honestly admire. I’m happy to see that there are good people out there even if they are anonymous.

Coming to leaving the community,to my best knowledge,I never ever messaged any female members here nor did I talk with them with vulgarly. I know sometimes what I ask here is considered as creepy questions according to others but I don’t think it should be considered as creepy.

The reason we all are here is because we truly wanna change ourselves, eradicate the negative addiction,be it porn or fapping. Everyone should be welcomed for that reason. And everyone’s question is as unique as he or she is. We ask here which we can’t ask our parents or close friends.

Last time, when I had posted here about the benefits of nofap which I got after retaining for 21+ days, people started to mock me,saying I look creepy dude, that’s why girls were looking at me. Really dude!! I mean,if someone is experiencing girls attention, shouldn’t he share it to others out of happiness !?

At last,one bitch in that post even said that I was sort of boys who are the reasons for girls not feeling safe in public :pleading_face:

Really, you fucking bitch, what are you here doing shit?? You are such a bitch I have ever seen in my life and will ever see.

I’m deeply felt saddened by such negative comments. So I have leaving this community.

Again I am grateful for your time brother :blush:. I wish you achieve greatness in your life. May God bless all !!!


Don’t mind their words brother, you know who you are & dont feel bad about it.
But you also try to be more respectful while asking questions or sharing your opinions or experiences.
Don’t indulge in unnecessary controversy even when you are right, just ignore it.


@Roads_to_purity bro this exactly what @JonSnow001 told you to not do…

I understand your frustration and where you are coming from but being respectful to others doesn’t hurt


Why? Even after reading such heartful and intellectual message from @JonSnow001 you chose to write such words. Hats off.


Tbh , I’m not on anyone’s side . But you can get Permanent ban if someone reports you or if any mod sees this post . Last time you were abusing Pingpong as a result you got banned , and you are doing that thing again …


Without getting too nerdy about privacy, let me just say that a lot of personal information could be connected to you using this site.

Some things include:

  • email
  • IP Address
  • Previous posts (i.e. diction and other topics you talk about)

Just these 3 things alone can give an attacker a lot of information

great! I think you don’t need to be shy of this app. You are in 1% of the people who cares about their loved ones. And you are not selfish. Good luck to you)

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Are you threatening him?

@Mahesh27_03 No, I’m not. Some people are unaware of how much they reveal about themselves.

However, I am trying to warn him about potential consequences. Most people think they’re anonymous behind a screen, but you’d be surprised to see that’s often otherwise the case.


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