Off-topic, TV shows

Hey fellows.
Who else like to watch TV series on Netflix or similar?

I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why season 2 and oh my God I feel weird… That tv show was so intense…

Have you seen it?

What’s your favorite TV series?


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One of my fav is True Detective Season 1. Also hearing good things about Sacred Games, but I dunno how popular it is outside India.


Cool. I didn’t know those! I would check them

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Go and check ’ Breaking bad '. It’s awesome.


So many people have recommended it, but I just can’t go along with the show.

Maybe I’ll give it a try, again :smiley_cat:

Umm, first season is little boring bcoz story is just started after that it’s more interesting than SHERLOCK and GOT.
‘Walking dead’ is also nice, you will like it.

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SHERLOCK,the flash, breaking bad.But I Highly recommend sherlock bcoz it is damn awesome.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine, the best!

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I’ve seen the flash, but only first season.
Never seen GOT… Is it as good as everyone says?
I love TWD

Thanks for the recommendations.
I am now currently watching ‘el reemplazante’ end Netflix… A Chilean TV show. Is pretty cool, you may wanna watch it to (it has English sub’s)

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Fargo and hell on wheels, far and above they’re my two favourite shows!

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Cool. I dont know those

Prison Break, GOT, Daredevil, Breaking bad

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I love prison break so much!

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I used love watching The Practice whenever I was younger but now it has become too natural for me to recognize the psychological “hook” in the shows (and movies) that lets people believe in their preferred fantasy while pretending that the show is realistic. So at the moment there are no TV shows that can hold my attention, and I think that’s a good thing.

I still watch good movies btw, and find it ok to suspend my disbelief for a couple of hours or so.

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