Off switch for libido

There must be medication out there that stops libido if we don’t want sex then we could take it and carry on with our life’s.

Your mind is more powerful than any such drug


That’s good but what happens if you have an addiction brain like me and needs help not a drug maybe or a herb that has no side effects.
Worth a thought.
Just searched chase berry was or used to Lower libido apparently monk’s used it.

Dude I am testing a strategy right now that’s new. I actually voluntarily masturbated until I had no more sperm and semen, I mean I really destroyed my d*ck. So now irges are super weak, it is easy to win with this super-low libido. The plan is that when my original libido will return, I will already have so many days that I won’t fall again. To illustrate this, it is a bit like a long-jumper taking more distance from the jump-line so he can go further.
I don’t know what will happen in my brain when my libido will return, will it be stronger or not. This is just an experiment. But it clearly destroys your libido, for the first days at least

Good luck on that Tom that will only last for about 3 days the key here dude is a switch off button where you never have to masturbate ever again.
Think of the possibility if there was a thing.