Nutrition: is diet important?

Well, I’m on day 43 and I’ve been doing a lot of things to get me distracted, one of them is workout. Now my question is, do I need to follow some kind of strict diet so my exercises can work? Also, I’ve heard protein is unhealthy, is it true? I’m a total ignorant when it comes to nutrition and that sort of things, if you could share me some articles and such it would be great!

Nutrition is actually more important than working out in itself and the diet you should follow depends on your goals. If you wanna build muscle, eat more. If you wanna lose weight eat less. And track the food you are eating. I recommend you use the apps " my fitness Pal" or “healthify me” these apps will ask you what your goals are and will suggest a caloric target that you must attain. Also avoid all junk foods, processed foods and sugar as much as possible. Eat healthy home cooked foods. And yea proteins are very important and essential for muscle growth. You must eat a lot of protein in order to gain muscle. I assume you were asking about protein powders above. No it’s not unhealthy at all. It’s quite beneficial and cheap to be honest. But if you can meet your protein target per day with Normal cooked foods then its not necessary. But if you can’t then I do suggest getting a good protein powder. I’ve been using protein powders for 5 months now. I’ve seen significant muscle gains and no side effects or health issues whatsoever. But if you are lactose intolerant then don’t get whey protein. Get the vegan protein powder. But it’s more expensive and tastes like shit.


THAAANKS! yeah I meant protein powder, I’ll check out that app, didn’t know how important is to get a good diet. I personally don’t mind avoiding junk food, but heck I love sweets, so that’d be difficult, I’ll do my best :sunglasses:

I use healthify me app to count my calories, fitify app to workout, a small weight machine to check the weight of the food I am eating. I make sure I eat less than recommended for weight loss, and I work out for 40 mins atleast. I dont starve myself though, I eat less sugar(hard to totally leave) and enough protein from home cooked food.

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Protein powder can get you some good and quick results but you can still do well with just good nitrition. I started off with lots of supplements but eventually just stuck to regular nutrients as it can get quite costly.

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