NukePizza's Journey

For accountability and structure, Im writing my journal here.


Today was the most unproductive, most regrettable day. To improve, I write now.

My true fear is that this priceless chance of life will slip away from me and I’ll fade into emptiness never having been what I could be.

To save whats left, I ll write about how well I can stick to early waking hours and regular eating habits.


Real power.
It’s more than just not fapping. Yesterday I did a workout aiming to do 24 repititions. When I started I thought I’d only do 12. Then I continued to 24. There was a video running in the background so I just did 30. At 30 I thought, yo, I think I can do 40. Long story short, I did 100. 100 fucking reps. Nofap is real.

I also took vitamin b12. I strongly recommend it, I attribute the strength more to the Vitamin than to nofap, its truly incredible.

Recovery is also quicker when you >go outside<. I have a wound on my arm that healed very slowly. I was hiking in the mountains for 4h yesterday and the wound healed up almost completely.

The strongest recommendations I can make:

Going outside lead to significantly faster wound healing for me.
Vitamin b12 is insane for focus and strength. I’m able to focus on the screen and read university material for extended periods of time and strength is like I’ve >never< experienced before.

Reading >the easy peasy method< was enough to escape masturbation. It’s honestly a secret gem and I dont see it recommended anywhere. Its 100 pages long and was originally made for quitting smoking. You can read it for free if you google it. Chapter 1 Introduction | EasyPeasy
AVRT is the second method that also helps, but easyPeasy is pretty much enough. AVRT was made for quitting alcohol addiction and it offers a more active approach than easyPeasy. I saw someone on reddit say: “if easyPeasy is a knife to stab the vampire, AVRT is the silver bullet”.

Working out every day no matter what is a gem I keep to myself. It creates motivation, it creates power. Really counterintuitive.

Man… Offtopic but you’r name is bomb😜