Nudism good or bad?

Hi, I’ve been a very sensitive guy that I get sexual thoughts and erections whenever I see people in less cloathing or if I am in less cloathing ( in gym, beach, or changing in hostel where my frnds are around) . But recently I got to know about the nudism on Google where people stay naked around eachother most of the day( mostly roommates or friends) which helps them to get usual with the naked view of own and the others so that they get rid of those unwanted erections.
I want to know if it’s true and if anyone is doing this. If yes I’m going to try this from today itself.


Bro if you want to get rid of those unwanted erections. Then you have to practice NoFap very seriously, dont think of porn and also dont watch porn.

I am going to tell a story of mine…
I was in my school’s staff room with my french teacher alone. She was hot and she was my favourite teacher :heart_eyes: I was in staff room so that i can prepare a list of our students and tally their marks to provide a proper list to our teacher but when i saw her, unwanted erection started, and there was no intentions but it started automatically because of excessive Fapping and watching porn. Now i only have morning bonner and no more unwanted erections and about nudism “I HAVE HEAR IT FIRST TIME” so i have no idea but i have told you about unwanted erections


Yaa. I understand… though fapping is my addiction but I don’t watch porn… porn are just too boring for me. But my mind is very nasty that I keep thinking about kinks and fetishes and these are the biggest obstacles in my path

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Nudism is absolutely bad brother…

That’s where you are wrong it is not that you get usual to nudism it is that your brain developed tolerance against nudism…MEANS THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION. IT WILL JUST INCREASE THE LEVEL OF NUDITY YOUR BRAIN WANTS FOR UNWANTED ERECTION and when it will get that much nudity it will again give you sudden erection…

Just like in the early days soft porn is enough for erection but slowly it does not work and people start to look for other categories like hardcore​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:.

This will make your rewiring process more difficult…hope you got it.

The solution is no pmo and do meditation to control your thoughts regarding nudism…I can say that in a month your problem will be gone…
An a temporary solution is that you change the position of the di*k if it starts to grow with your hand. This change the mind set and erection is gone. THIS is how I’ve seen many people dealing with it.

And nobody should notice you​:joy::joy::joy: or they will definitely notice what is wrong with you.
The main cause of this is excessive fapping and the only solution is no pmo​:pray::pray::pray:


Thank you brother. I think it’s gonna be hard for me… let’s see… hope for the best.

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Ah! That’s something, I had questions about too. But I finally got the answer by reading and basically understanding a lot of things. I will try put them down one by one and then it’s your choice what you do. This gonna be long but trying to be as brief as possible.

  • This society was formed with much care and much more intelligence than most of us have in this generation. Our ancestors were much more clever than us. If staying naked just treats the problem of erections and sexual thoughts, it’s exactly like thinking that drinking salt water will quench your thirst. It’s never going to happen.
    The concept of clothing was just not introduced to protect from cold, heat etc only.

  • Ah! Please… just stay as much faaaaar you can stay from that Google, it’s a place where you are made an addict. Trust me, I too had fallen for this trap months back. The people, the answers there try their level best to get you addicted to Sexual thoughts. This will result in a further painful journey. Try to understand…They just wanna squueze you and make money. That’s it. They are using you.

  • I get it that you are in an age where you will have sexual urges and this kind of thoughts due to change in hormones but don’t allow these thoughts to penetrate your personality. Let the thoughts come and go. Don’t hold upon it.

Man, what you are!! Don’t you have a basic Instinct of humanity inside you. If someone suggests you something or if anyone else is doing it. Why you gonna do that? Have basic knowledge man. Those whosoever is cheering you up on your thoughts is just trying to make benefit of your weakness.


Thank you so much man…
I was just confused about these things… and as I am staying in a place (hostel) where guys around me staying only in briefs only and changes in front of anyone it seems like they are very comfortable doing it(have never seen them with a boner)… but still I had that thought of right and wrong…
So thank you so much for guiding me in a right direction.
Btw I will like to take a challange.
If you are interested then let me know
Thank you

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In Germany people go to sauna, spa together naked both gender. Even in gym dressing room they get completely naked.

And they don’t get boner. So yes there is nothing sexual about it. It’s our mind which creates sexual fantasies seeing the body. You should try it.


Well the is nudists beaches out there also people living the nude life except for going in public though.

Anyways the thing is some people are super confident on being naked and it just doesn’t bother them. Nudism in itself is actually like accepting your body how they were born. Nothing wrong with it and it is also kinda a good think to practice I think in nofap, for brief times and in private at the start , also not really at trigger times like sleeping naked as the risk of fapping laying nude in bed might be a trigger for a relapse. Why private at the start is the mind need to fix all the sexual damage caused by porn and masterbation and being at such a high risk of urges and boners will obviously occur.

Other then that being comfortable with your body nude and having boners and be okay with it will make you far less conscious to be thinking in an awkward manner or just to fap.

Secondly a guy ain’t a rock and seeing a person you precive as attractive will obviously in some cases.

Third random boners do happen on this journey I have experienced quite a few of them and it is a side effect of it as the body undergoes healing.

The obvious thing I can say is keep your thoughts clean as possible to avoid them boners. Don’t hold your pee in to long as well as some guys tend to grab shuttely to help to keep it in, but obviously get the boner at the end. Overall try not to touch as sometimes a slight touch in thought might lead to a boner.

And also this might sound weird, but how you wear your penis is also a way that can induce random boners. What I ment by the wear of the penis is some guys tend to pull back the foreskin of the penis like it is a circumcised penis as it may feel more comfortable to have the foreskin in a pulled back position. Sounds awkward and weird to talk about it and I also have found that wearing my penis in the pulled back position were I feel horney most of the time and random boners do occur quite frequently.

This might help you, in random boners I don’t really know to many remedies for it, maybe someone could give you more advice on the matter.

As for nudism I think is okay in general, it ain’t a bad thing, but some could view this as a form of porn when practiced with someone since a person who saw nude pics a lot can have an issue with it being practiced with someone, esspecially when you practice nofap and trying to avoid sexual encounters through fantasizing and masterbate constantly due to the fantisized ideas and to brake away from porn, hence why I say to practice it in private might help to execpt your body more.

It also depends on your mindset and every person and also the situation which your or they are in.

Hope this kinda helps you in finding the right answers and better help for random boners.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!