Nude women are like drug or it's normal to want to see it?

Why is it difficult for me to don’t wanna see naked women? I like it so much but I am doing No Fap hard mode… Give me your tips, please!

Well you’re a dude right? One of the most powerful instincts we have as humans is the instinct to reproduce. It’s perfectly natural to want to see a naked woman. Thing is the action of doing such just for pleasure is wrong. It’s an instinct that we must control.


Instinct is there for propagation of life. The way we are using this instinct is not compatible with the efficiency of the reproductive system. Which involves so many intricate elements and integrated with other body sytems that a mistkae/imbalance in one system has repercussions on the other systems as all are interconnected and acting as a unit of organization. Thats physiology, imbalance in it will lead to pathology or commonly known as dis ease.

So instinct is engineered for a real partner. Chnage that, all will be fine.
Go get the girl!!
Wish you and myself the best