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  1. If you Start With a half hearted attempt, you Will fail spectacularly.

  2. If U r doing it for your loved one definitely u will pass. In my case I do for my GOD :blue_heart: I LOVE HIM MOST.

  3. Great streaks were achieved by persistence & commitment to GOD

  4. The first few days are always the most difficult.

  5. Entertaining a trigger Will never do you any good in life.

  6. Harder, longer lasting and more frequent morning wood is a sign of your brain healing in progress.

  7. Never under-estimate an urge Neither suppress nor act on an urge ; allow it to pass through you and
    When you do it over and over again, you Will realize how powerless it actually is and your self respect Will grow to epic proportions.

  8. For the millionth time wet dreams are not relapse.

  9. flatlines can be very long, learn to be patient.

  10. The emotions might return after few weeks Of no-fap- you Will be irritable, angry and sad and
    happy in a single day- deal with it.

  11. If semen energy not in use then it will spillover by urges & nightfalls

  12. 95% men break their no fap steak under the illusion
    that “one peek won’t hurt.”

  13. A person who can’t control his dick,
    Usually can’t control his life.

  14. social anxiety, articulation Of words in public talking and body language Will drastically improve proportionally to the number of days in the streak.

  15. As more days pass, Nofap becomes easier but never ever under estimate an harmless Urge.
    Don’t rise your ego abt your streak .

  16. Persistence gives u starting support but knowledge make u 100% free …


This is from @MADTAKER right?
That guy really is something. He used to relapse like 5 times a day and boom. With one strong decision he made 200 days.
A prove that anyone can achieve anything no matter what he has.


Yes I take it from @MADTAKER


My daily routine

"“Don’t focus on time just continue one by one Task “””

6.30 AM weak up holiday
7.0 AM weak up
7.30 Am. Do excercis 8.0 Am. Go for bath :shower: bath 11 am holiday
9.0 Am. Eat, 9.30 eat on “Holiday”
9.10 Am. Go for work
3.0 pm . Sleep till 5.0 pm "Holiday "
5.0 pm . Get out from home “holiday”
9.0 Pm. Back home from work
11.30 pm sleep

Share your daily routine guys


Today I learnt a lesson that if you want to change bad habit, you have to go through the wrost situation because of your bad habits.

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Your habits determine who you are. If you want to change habits you have to change your identity.


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When it comes to reaching your goals, discipline is more important than motivation. If you don’t have discipline, you’ll never stick to anything.

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