Noticed a big difference after Nofap!

Hello warriors!

I hope you all are fighting harder progressively day by day to maintain that Nofap streak of yours.

I have come here today to confess something that I did today. I installed instagram after a month of my streak. I did not install it to go back to my oldself and look at models’ pics. I have a business account that I needed to check for some work.

But as we all know that using insta for ogling at bikini models tends to bring the related posts to our search page. So I was going through the search page and suddenly I encountered images of the models I used to stalk for their pics, and let me tell you that one of the image was so tempting that many guys would instantly give up and go jerk off to that pic.

But to my surprise I wasn’t much affected by that pic, as in no arousal. I looked at the pic and thought to myself, “This pic is damn sexy, but this image has been placed for a reason, that is to promote a brand and the model who are collabing online. So, if I give up my nofap streak and start looking at these pictures again, I am again giving business to such people whose sole aim is to play with emotions of men and cause them to follow these models, so that these models’ brand value gets increased because of large follower base.” I did not put in much thought to reach this point of view, it naturally came to me and this was an evidence of my Rewired Brain!

I know some people might say that it was stupid of me to go back to something that could have made me relapse but let me tell you guys that getting that kind of response from my brain on seeing those pics is something that makes me happy and relieved. Earlier I used to become horny on seeing the bikini models, my mind couldn’t convince me to not fap. But today it did rationally controlled me to not give up. This tells me that Nofap is a proven and effective as hell!!!

But I strongly urge you all to not try the same things, even I didn’t do it to take a peek at those kinds images, I logged on instagram for my business page and I was accidently exposed to models pics. I just want to say that if you strictly following your Nofap streak, then your brains are getting rewired every moment of every day and soon you will develope a dope level of rationality against all such explicit content that used to make you lose your shit earlier.

Keep working on yourselves, strive to make yourself better every maing moment of your life to make it worth something valuable.



All the best Warriors!


Nice relizisation and experience…