Not getting boners

I am on day 25 of no fap and it is my longest streak ever and I’m not getting boners… Is it normal? When I’m horny i just ooze precum and my dick never gets hard. Please help me someone idk what to do

First of all Don’t panic or worry about anything.
It has happened to almost everyone at any stage and is called Flatline.
It is the First time ur brain starts getting affected by Nofap.
I was feeling same from past days and finally from yesterday i got morning wood.

Just REMEMBER things will be normal.
Many people leave nofap at this point and i am sure even you would have thot after flatline.

But Dont loose hope and keep following nofap, there would be no harm at all and your life would be way better than it is right now.

Good Luck


The rewiring process has started. Be proud:)


Thank you all so much but it’s just a little worrying…

Don’t get scared, and for the love of god, don’t be taunting yourself with any kind of triggers to see “if it still works”… it works, trust me, one day you’ll wake up and it’ll be rock hard, so don’t worry about it. Don’t even think about it, focus on yourself. Improve yourself, get smarter, sharper, faster, stronger and healthier. You’ve got this brother.

stay sharp.

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You sure it will? I’m scared i might have ED

Your ED will be only corrected by NoFap not vice versa…

More you will think upon it more are the chances u might quit.

Trust the Community, Flatline is real and faced by many its not just you.

Get carefree over it and keep going ahead.

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I have the same bro. It’s part of the rewiring.

Trust the process!