Not ejaculating

33 days nofap, and approximately 3 weeks no sex. Today my girlfriend took initiative in the morning and jumped on me. I was hard as stone and enjoyed it very much. But there was neither build up nor ejaculation. This is basically after 3 weeks of hard mode. Anybody experienced something similar?

Weird flex but okay :wink:

Flex? I am asking for advice here. Stop assuming that this is some neckbeard, incels group. Lot of guys here have girlfriend and many of us joined because PM caused us issues in sexual life/ relationship.

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Chill, you can’t take a joke can’t you.

-First of all, lower your ego and enjoy life.
-Second of all, this is really-common effect we all experienced/will experience during no PMO-ing phase, that is why nobody is answering your question.

Love and peace brother, love and peace🌄

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Wish you all the best though, hope you’ll push through these hard days (no pun intended… i guess).
On a serious note, it is just one of those things you’ll have to deal with and trasmute that build up sexual energy into something productive - it’s the only way it helped me.

Stay sharp.

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It’s no big deal. Guys may not climax during intercourse too, althiugh it’s not that common. It isn’t anything to be worried about. Glad to see you are reaping the benefits brother, keep up the streak.