Not again....and this fall

so I am on my 11 day streak …and i had urges starting from afternoon …ao I resisted it while focusing on studies…than excersied…sensed something would happen…so Immediately had cold shower went to sleep after my studies…after too I had urges…and I resisted it…later those urges woke from sleep and finally I did it…now after that i ask myself what made to wake from my sleep…what is it call…after so much caution I failed…pls tell what is this condition


While you’re laying down to sleep and just after you wake up from a nap, in both these cases, the brain is often disoriented and confused, leading to poorer decision making. I suppose this leads to poorer choices, like relapses. Same thing happens to me. So advice is-

  • Sleep when you’re tired, don’t lie on the bed without reason
  • Wake up early in mornings and work hard, sleep early too

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