Nofapstar's Journey to enlightenment!

The beginning

I have left everything happend behind and starting new journey with new strategies and power!
Many good and strong people associated with me in my old journey. But finally i was defeated.
You know life gives many chances and opportunity,
Even if i was defeated, Life has given me another opportunity to correct myself. I am hoping to get associated with great peoples here.

No promises, only goals in my head


I want all of NNN survivours to watch this video


Trying to be fearless of all challanges like Ash ketchum


You know, you can learn alot of things from a devastating failure or loss. I also learned alot of things in last 24 hours and i will keep sharing them throughout my journey


My mistake of last time was that: right after waking up, the first thing i did was using my mobile phone.
Then the urges took over me as my mind was empty
“Khali dimaag saitaan ka ghar hota hai”

This thing im never gonna repeat, first thing i am gonna do after waking up is pray to god :pray:

Again im saying, Motivation is like a fake friend, which stays with you in your good times, but leaves you in the worst situation im saying this from my experience
your mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master
Never let your mind to control you.


The battle is alone now.
This is a battle with my mind.
A silly mistake doesnt define me.
The guilt and shame i felt after that relapse was unforgettable. I lost self respect after that relapse.
Those moments has taught me alot of things which is crucial for my nofap journey,


Nofap video of the day,
I want you to watch this with headphones!


I will not be stopped,
Today was an unproductive day, with 3 hours of study.

Your mind is very strong, it can take you to moons and stars and also to your favorite p*** site.
+ve thoughts are very important. Exclude -ve thoughts.
You are not your body, you are soul, Which doesnt experience any pleasure, it is your body which experience all kind of temporary pleasures, pain and any kind of emotions.
Once you and your mind connect with each other,
Your will power will be at its peak and you and your streak will be unbreakable.


Which day are you on ?

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Im on day 3 , failed no nut November on day 10 th miserably,

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I am on day 4. Follow my journey. We are going to win it. Keep hustling and go the distance with me.


No motivation to work, but i dont rely on motivation anymore.
I got many opportunity to make a large streak, but everytime i seem to do a primary mistake that most of the nofappers does, that is i cant handle the urges
Im working to fix that thing because whenever the urges come, I tend to forget everything, all my goals
And reasons for starting.
Now that i have learned all my mistakes, i should work to get them fixed, and in need your advices on that. How to stay strong at the time of urges?
@Pandeybro @Dean_Ambrose @Aanand_vijay @Ash_Matt
Its the most primary question that comes to every nofaper.
Overconfidence is another thing due to which i lost two big streaks, but i have figured it out.

you are the director, who is gonna direct the brain to act according to the situations; You are the painter and you are going to draw your future


Just dont take a quick decision.
Give your mind & brain more time to take the decision.
Whenever suggesstion of some thing pops up in your imagination, bring your mind & brain involved in it.

And when you give your decision more & more time, you definately are going to take the right step.


Relapsing early and saying it is impossible,?
What do you say about them?


Feeling sleepy its only 5:25 pm and i feel exhausted :sleeping: anyways today i worked 5 hours 30 minutes maybe i will study 1-2 hrs more.
Fapping decreases my productivity. Yeah, but i have gone through a huge change this year after coming to this app. I remember once i posted that i couldnt study more than 3 hours, but now im capable of studying atleast 6 hours a day,:innocent:


Ash metchum is my inspiration
Maybe he is an anime character still he has taught me alot of things since my childhood. Im gonna stick his photo infront of my study table.
The best thing i like about him is that he never gives up

It was really hard to pick myself up after losing NNN
Im thankful i had the courage and strength to carry on


Things that are already gone, are already gone. You cant regain them.
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift :gift:
Thats why its called present my friend! :sparkles: :sparkles:


Value of time : Aren’t you Greatful that you are able to see this beautiful world, Aren’t you greatful that you are an exception( yes in biology, life is an exception and death is a rule) . It all started when you came to this earth and its gonna end with you . You get a limited period of time on this earth. You might not realize it but actually life is short. Time is limited. We have to utilize that time and do what we need to do. Most of the pmo addicts are wasting their time for 2s pleasure. If you add all the time wasted in porn you will realize how much time you have wasted( note: in the word you, im also included) . Sometimes during our life, we become very unproductive. We know we are wasting our time but still we are wasting. So once we get to know the value of time which is priceless, we wouldn’t waste it anymore.

Just say to yourself I dont fap


Guys Today im Feeeling stronger than ever,


Guys my social anxiety has dramaticaly decreased in last 4 months, now i can ask doubts to my teacher and talk to my teacher without any hesitation, :smiley:
Mental clarity is at very good level