Nofapstars 30 days challenge with himeself! [Challenge Ended]

For the next 30 days:

  1. I will be PMO free
  2. Study atleast 6 hrs
  3. Daily usage of phone 4 hours
  4. Daily wake up 6:30 AM
  5. Prayer daily
  6. Shower daily
  7. Meditation daily
  8. Eating healthy
  9. Positive thinking practice
  10. No youtube shorts/instagram
    10.observe the negative thoughts with a neutral view

I can do it
I can get through this
This addiction has to come to an end

I masturbated 5 times in day yesterday
The day before i did it 3 times
That is the worst feeling i could ever have about myself. Addiction has grew upto the point that i get urges seeing my class girls and bad thoughts . I won’t hide anything today.

Why i want to and i need to quit this addiction asap:
This long addiction has affected me mentally and physically:

  1. Because of spending much time alone in my room with ■■■■ i have developed social anxiety.
  2. My eyesight got worse over the years.(-2.25 currently)
  3. I get nervous easily. But this thing has decreased along with nofap
  4. Lost confidence in myself

I am not generalising that watching ■■■■ causes those problems , i just shared what i experienced after entering this addiction.
It was all my fault for relapsing again and again, not avoiding the triggers.

Things that improved while i was on nofap journey:

  1. Last year before neet i was on good streaks, and that helped me to focus on my studies all day long.
  2. Remember guys, i used to write about my panic attacks before? They completely diminished. I do not have them now.
  3. I had lots of digestive problems, but its almost gone now after all the streaks…
  4. Beard growth + hair growth + face glow

That said i am starting my new journey from this moment on!

I am free

images - 2024-04-17T151548.198

I know counting day isn’t a good thing, but i am in a position where i need a headstart!


It’s my first too,we can both challange each other.How’s that?


Day 1
:x: wake up 6:30
:x: eat healthy
:x: study 6 hours
:x: phone usage below 4 hours
:white_check_mark: shower
:x: meditation
:white_check_mark: no youtube / instagram

I went for travelling yesterday,
I will try to complete my goals today

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You are doing good,those habits will surely benefit you as doctors are more disciplined and hardworking people by default so yea keep this up and don’t let it slip…

Dr sahab😉

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