Nofapfam i need your help!

So guys im on 63 day of no fap… for the last week i had the habit of just checking my erection. I had some sexual thoughts (very rarely like one time just touched my penis nothing more)and then boom! Strong erection. but i did this a couple of times. But now i stopped. Is this a relapse? Will the dopamine levels go up high and i will be to ground zero again? I want to regain 101% sensitivity and to rewire my dopamine receptors so i dont want to screw this up… i already saw insane progress… i dont want this to set me back at all… what do you guys think? Am i a 60daynofap true warrior or i wasted my days and i have to reset?


No need to reset, just, do not edge. And do not repeat browsing drugs.


A man cant follow this journey if he is enjoying sexual fantasy.

One who controls his thoughts can only do nofap.


NoFap doesn’t mean you can’t get a boner or have sexual thoughts…
If you can control/suppress those thoughts then congratulations …you are the winner