NoFap to build self-discipline

Most people including me have done NoFap to have the advantage of attracting the opposite sex, but NoFap is great for building self-discipline.

I’m not here to judge anyone because I’ve done the same thing and I can understand, but I think the reason you’re doing NoFap has to be better in my opinion.

Use your self-discipline to build a better self and women will come on their own. Be content with yourself and work on yourself.


I think we lack self discipline that is why we are on nofap? We need to increase it because we have discipline inside which needs to be brought out Eg:- 2hour movie we dont even slide while watching a fantastic movie.

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hey @FireWolf45 i think you are totally right that doing nofap for superfical reasons will just increase the struggle and only provide super fical motivation.

however ahve you consider that there migth other personal reasons that also go beyond self discipline.
slef discipline is usually a tool to achive goals and feel good after acheiving them.

may i ask why do you need self discipline?

bests and take care

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