Nofap tips and tricks

All the relapse from day 1 to day XX of nofap made you feel that you are just not strong or determined enough. It sounds so reasonable that you kept getting same conclusion and relapses were not avoided at all. Have you Even questioned yourself? Have you ever deeply think the most valid reason behind the relapse?
Instead of letting you figure out yourself, today, the reason would be presented in this article.
Whoever use determination to overcome relapse hasn’t shown up yet. Unless he/she bet their life on nofap which is super rare. Finally, it is my time to point out a way to defend yourself in front of PMO.
There is a saying: everything is possible, and success needs methods. If the failure happened, people should think deeply to find out the root of the cause, instead to use the word “not good enough”, “not the right time”, “not the right place”, “not the right person”, and “…”. Moreover, failed person use these words to avoid facing the issue and never learn their lesson to move on. All their efforts were wasted by “not…enough” excuses.