# NOFAP TIMELINE-The complete nofap stages from Day 1 to Day 365


Ready for your Journey…

This nofap timeline is not only a personal timeline but a standard timeline that is experienced by most of us who are on a nofap journey.

The nofap timeline will be different for everybody, depending on your porn addiction over the past years.

The nofap stages will be different for everyone but with the accumulated statistics and data from various people on this journey, I come to this most common nofap timeline or stages below.

I am going to cover from physical to psychological stages of nofap.

But, first thing first.

Nofap journey is not paved with flowers and soft pillows. On the contrary, it is paved with soul-killing urges and sacrifices.

No, I am not scaring you, but making you ready for the incoming attack on your willpower in the upcoming days.

Those who have strong reasons or strong willpower will succeed, and those who lack these two facts will parish.

The common reasons people start doing nofap are:

  1. Failing in life.
  2. Low self-confidence.
  3. Doesn’t have any motivation to pursue their dreams.
  4. Don’t feel passionate about anything except porn.
  5. Erectile dysfunction.
  6. Unsatisfied relationships.
  7. Avoiding social conventions.
  8. Difficulty in making eye contact.
  9. No interest in real woman or sex.
  10. Objectifying women and having unethical disturbing thoughts.
  11. Depression.
  12. Frustration.

You name it, and I can fill up over 100 pages on why people start doing nofap.

You may be on day 1 or day 30 and wondering what the nofap benefits I am going to get in the next eleven months are.

Also, you may have started nofap because of the fantastic benefits you have read online. Some of them are genuine, and most of them are fake.

If you are waiting for superpowers where you can lift a truck or anything like that, I am sorry this is not true.

I have divided the nofap timeline into stages and described the benefits and drawbacks in details.

1. Week 1 ( The stage of self-control).

Day 1 will be the easiest day out of the next 365 days. Again, I am not scaring you or telling you that all the upcoming days are going to be hell. No, it will be a totally different journey.

A journey where you will discover your true self, a journey that will increase your willpower, and a journey that will change your view of your life.

Day 2 — day 4 there will be urges, not the strongest but not the weakest either. Most of us can fight these urges if we have strong reasons and know what is going to happen in the upcoming days.

Few will fail, and that is okay because until you fail enough, you will not be motivated enough to complete this journey.

Day 5- Day 7 you will have to fight with the strongest urgest, especially the 7th day.

Once you do it, you will feel proud of yourself. You will feel a sense of pleasure, and maybe you will pat your back too. Good job.

Your guilt and shame will start to decrease. Your craving for porn will be mostly absent in the mornings, but by the nights, you may tear your pillows to stop yourself from watching porn.

Hey, this is what addiction does, and this is normal and temporary. Once, the neural pathways of your porn addiction start to shrink; you will not tear your pillows; in fact, there will be no craving to watch porn anymore.

Few changes you will see in yourself in this week are:

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Strong urges
  3. Enjoyment in doing your dream works.
  4. Interest in girls.
  5. You will feel stronger.
  6. Your mental and physical energy will start to return.
  7. You will start to enjoy little things in life.

2. Week 2 and week 3 (The boasting stage)

From Day 8 to Day 15, your urges will be controllable. The most significant changes in this stage will be on your **productivity level.**Your week 3 will be one of the best weeks of your life.

You will become creative, you will become energetic, your performance will skyrocket, and you will be so motivated that you will find it difficult to go to sleep because of the next day’s excitement.

A new sense of self-confidence will pop inside you. You will be able to make eye contact with other people.

You will plan, you will execute, and you can see your dreams are just within a reaching distance.

You will even tell yourself, heck, why the hell I wasted my time on watching porn.

You have learned the secret, you have unveiled your potential, and your depressing days are turning into a plethora of productivity.

The urges you will get after day 15 will be stronger than day 7. But, these urges are not going to break you because you are experiencing the benefits of nofap.

You are on a journey to success, and nothing can stop you.

You will even tell yourself why people relapse; it is so easy for me.

The changes in this stage will be:

  1. Your productivity will skyrocket.
  2. Strongest urges than ever.
  3. Your anxiety will reduce.
  4. You will become more confident in your life.
  5. You will start focusing on self-improvement; maybe join a gym.
  6. Some of you may fall sick too.
  7. Your emotions regarding life will increase. You will feel more, think more, and work more.
  8. Your skin condition will start to improve. The surface of your face will become clearer and polish, and your hair fall will reduce if you have any.
  9. Your mind will be clearer to think and can think for a more extended period.

3. Week 4 to Week 6 (The downfall)

Welcome to the flatline. It is in this stage where most of us will experience the nofap flatline.

I have written a detailed article on the nofap flatline in my previous post. If you want to read it, you can click on the below link:

The complete guide to nofap flatline and how to overcome it.

Nofap flatline is the dark side of nofap, but it is nothing but a withdrawal symptom.

It is in this stage where most of us will relapse, thinking nofap is a myth and all the benefits you have read online are just fake.

It will come unannounced. In the mornings maybe you will feel motivated and ready all your plans on how to spend the day, but perhaps in the evening-boom- something happened inside you and now all your motivations are lost, you don’t feel like doing anything.

You will be fatigued mentally and physically. If you are not familiar with flatline, you will become depressed, confused. Anxiety will return, and you will go crying to sleep every night.

Your brain will search for answers: what is going on with me? What happened to me? I was so productive in the last few days.

You will experience emptiness, zero libidos, zero interest in watching porn, no interest in the opposite gender, no productivity, no motivation, brain fog, and your future will seem dark.

Attention: these are all temporary because your brain is rewiring.

You will hide in your room and avoid all kinds of human contacts. The cravings for fast food and other types of addictions like drugs will show up.

As your primary source of happiness got shut down by nofap, your brain will look for all the other sources of gratification, fast happiness.

The changes you will see in this stage will be:

  1. No productivity.
  2. Feeling of emptiness.
  3. No libido.
  4. No morning wood.
  5. Muscle weakness.
  6. Tired most of the time without doing anything.
  7. Frustration.
  8. No urges to watch porn or masturbate.
  9. Less sleep.
  10. Brain Fog.
  11. Avoid social interactions.
  12. Your emotions will be numb.
  13. Cannot concentrate on anything.

*Note: It is possible that you will not feel all the symptoms, all perhaps you may never be in a flatline. It depends on person to person.

4. Week 7 to week 9 (The recovery stage)

Most of the flatlines last for 10 to 25 days, a few experience a longer flatline that is more than a month, and they’re also a few who experience flatline for more than 6–7 months.

There is a guy I came across whose flatline lasts above 300 days. This is very rare and nothing to worry about.

It depends on your level of addiction.

I had three flatlines, 22 days, 14 days, and the last one was 9 days.

In this stage, your love for life will start to surface again. Your morning woods will start to return by Day 50-Day 60.

You will find Joy in the smallest things like breathing. Your level of concentration will improve.

Though in this stage, you will experience withdrawal symptoms of flatline, but the motivation that you felt on the second stage will not be visible so quickly.

Think like, this stage is your fertile land, and whatever seed you plant in it, it will start to grow rapidly.

You may start meditation; you will go back to your earlier projects or start new projects.

You will start to feel a stronger sense of yourself and self-confidence is returning.

Your urges will start to return, and it will get stronger every day.

But, these urges will be different, these urges will be pure and not for porn, but for real sex.

You will kind of enjoy these urges over time because this makes you feel manly.

The changes you will see in this stage:

  1. Better sleep.
  2. Love for your life.
  3. Respect for other people.
  4. Brain fog will start to lift.
  5. Your passion for your work will return.
  6. You will have a healthy attitude towards girls.
  7. Better sleep.
  8. Your concentration power will begin to recover.
  9. You will feel energetic.
  10. Better cognitive functions.

5. Week 10+ ( The psychological war)

Most will say, once the flatline is over, you have crossed your biggest hurdle. There is nothing to worry about anymore. You will feel all the energy, positivity, and the trend of your life will be upward.

This is true that you will have more emotions, happiness and your life will be much better than before, but the biggest problem in this stage is psychological.

There are bigger chances that you will relapse in this stage.

This stage I usually mark between, Day 60 to Day 180.

In this stage, you will be able to control your urges, but despite that, you will relapse if you don’t understand what is going on.

It will continue…!!


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