NoFap. Social skills

Can you improve some new social skill like more confidence, or overcome the social anxiety after a period of nofap ? No i’m in day 10. I wondering if after a mouth or more i can experiment that. I do fap regulary since 13 untill now , 19, 1 fap per day in average.

Yes am on day 100+ and my social skill are way out the roof i am laughing more i have more ernegy and i kid you not girls at my school are talking and looking at me i know it sounds fictional but what i am experiencing is real and i want the same for you.


@nagate Described it perfectly. That’s exactly what’s been happening to me. I’m on 30 days. It didn’t all start kicking off until 2 weeks. From then onwards I started to get the symptoms nagate described!

I thought it was all fiction and something that people were exaggerating or just wouldn’t happen to me. But I was totally wrong!! And you get all those positive confidence bonuses without trying at all. It happens almost without you realising at all. Then suddenly you compare yourself to how you were before NoFap and you realise you’re transformed!


Yes; it works.
You would be surprised when you experience it yourself.
You will become king in your social life.
Just keep on going clean for atleast 2 - 3 weeks.

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