#Nofap One year update

Tears of joy! I’m so happy right now, I can’t tell you guy’s how amazed i feel that I made it A WHOLE YEAR since saying fuck fapping!

My journey was not any easy one by no means. I’ve been addicted to p**n for 7 years. Started in 2010 I watched for fun…I never seen anything like it before and loved it. Then I began having problems in my personal life and “it” became my crutch, my alcohol, my drug, to pick me up when I feel sad. One time I watched so much that the next day my vision was blurry. Later that week (in 2011) I had what I didn’t know was an anxiety attack on the job, and little did I know my life would never be the same again.

I slowly lost my smile, my personality and self-confidence.
I became anxious about every frikken thing. I was always unsure of myself, I could no longer look at men AND women in the eye. Simple conversations were exhausting for me so if I wasn’t at work I was home fapping to p**n. There was always this thought in the back of my mind that this was wrong but i , like many others ignored it and listened to society because i didn’t want it to be true. “It” made me feel good and I didn’t want to quit watching.

Throughout the years I couldn’t wait to die. I hated leaving my home, I hated seeing the looks people gave me, i hated not being in control of my emotions and facial expressions. I used to be such a popular witty and cool guy. I was now a baggy eyes acne face man who was always fatigue. One of the hardest things in life is meeting people who knew the old you and you act totally different around them now. But they didn’t know i couldn’t tell them the shame I felt…

On day 1 it seems like nofap is impossible but just focus on 1 day at a time and weeks will become months. Now was i perfect in this entire year? no. But I had only 2 times slipped up 1 time I thought I was have bad urges so I M’d without porn…let me tell you it was weird and I felt worse lol. So I never touched myself again after that day. The 2nd time I slipped i was home bored and had no urges but was curious to if my stick still worked if I saw p**n. I watched half of a video and felt immediately a dopamine rush. I turned it off and took a cold shower and went to bed. THAT WAS IT
No relapse!
I’ve notice benefits like…
Childhood memories
Women attraction
Physical appearance enhanced
Full hair on my face
Deeper voice/better singing voice (strange but true)
No more flat-lines (thank goodness)
No brain fog (which i had for months)
My not giving a fuck power just kicked in a few weeks ago.
Time (too much time)
Loving myself again

Now I’m not done yet but I feel closer than I ever did Dec 19, 2016. Thank you Nofap community for being awesome to one another! Everyone supports each other on here, hardly any trolls. I’ll continue to update you all…And support you as well …REMEMBER! everyone’s journey is different, you just make sure you don’t quit on your own. Be your own hero! Save your future by sacrificing who you are now! for who you want to become. Peace Fapstronauts


Congrats man. I’m just having the same problems as you before nofap, I’m a Very Very anxious person And I think porn makes It worse and thats why I’m here. I’m on day 12 And my “goal” is 1 year as well but If I quit It forever will be awesome. Thanks for your story and motivation.

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Hey man thanks for you positive feedback!
We all gonna make it! Just trust the process!

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Wow! Congrats man!

On day 1 it seems like nofap is impossible but just focus on 1 day at a time and weeks will become months.

This is very true. Thanks for sharing :smile:


Congratulations. You give me force to keep on the right way.

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Thank you! Keep it up💪

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Hey man I would like to know how you deal with wet dreams? I had it when I was between 20 to 30 th day.Actually there is no any edging, no any urge but still you ejaculate.it feels weird and then I relapse in next couple of hours because it starts alarming at back of mind. How did you deal with this?


Bro, it’s actually a sign of major recovery. Despite having naturally lost semen without your consciousness, you will feel way more motivated,and it’s natural. :wink: you can EAT more fruits and some vegetables to prevent WD.


Congratulations man! Very motivational as always, you give strength to all of us with your success!