Nofap motivation decreased, I need help

Guys. I am finding it difficult to continue the no-fap. I relapse (MO + voice of my girlfriend (I don’t watch any videos or images)) once every 2/3 days.
It is more difficult for me since I have a long distance relationship and cause COVID-19 I can’t see her and the thing after a short period of no-fap creates mistrust and anxiety and I discharge it with a fap.
I don’t know why my nofap motivation dropped while previously it was much stronger. I need help.


take a shower with cold water and do push-ups


In the moment of relapse, I forget this excellent solution. I will have to give it more priority.


you are strong always do not let you


I think the best way to keep yourself motivated is to start forming good daily habits. Yes, a cold shower and spontaneous excersize help get you through urges, but it’s not good to be reliant on those
I think giving yourself some daily activities that you must do is a very good way to keep yourself off motivated. For me, it’s reading, excersize, study (I’m not in school but I take time daily to learn a new language, which is very helpful), and meditation. I have a few other things I do but they aren’t as important as those.
It’s also important to properly reward yourself for good habits. In the end, we are animals, and like animals, we can be trained, but, we have no one to train us, so we must train ourselves. When you do a workout, give yourself a small reward to tell your body it did good. When you read for a good hour, give your body something small to tell it it did good. By constantly giving your body a healthy reward for good actions, you train yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. The reward depends a lot on your interests, for me, it’s anime. When I finish a good workout or a long read, I’ll watch an episode of anime. I’m very careful not to give too much, otherwise the reward will backfire. Also be sure not to give yourself bad or destructive things as rewards (like porn, drugs, or alcohol, these will just end up taking over and your body will just want them, instead of using them as reward)
That’s just my advice. Good luck to you
Stay strong brother


Don’t fap to your girlfriends voice man. I garuntee you it will ruin your relationship with her. You love her don’t you? imagine if she had to have sex or even kiss another man and pretend to enjoy it when she really doesn’t. You wouldn’t want her to suffer doing that would you? You care for her, but several other women, and sometimes even men, have nobody to care for them to make sure they don’t lose control over their body. Every fap is a mock to those people and to your own self. You can “just get by” and do what is required. But that isn’t called living, thats called surviving. Move forward with the mindset of, “If it isn’t wrong ill do it” Because if you push yourself to do something you dont have to just because it isnt wrong, then it will be easier for you to push your self to do the right thing when confronted with doing the wrong.

Now these “somethings” come in the form of coldshowers, doing things far before the due date, etc. This will be 100x harder than quitting PMO believe me… because the lack of motivation to do these things will be 100x more than with quitting PMO for obvious reasons… But think of it as an investment. The more you do these things the easier it will be to not only control your mind, but grow it.

And thats the point of life isn’t it? To be better by the time you die. Not to just conserve whatever good qualities you have. And surely not to demolish those good qualities.

Choose one of the three paths my friend. Because if you don’t choose the path, the path will choose you.

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MassterBrewer12 and Lastminuteman.

I had a stroke of luck yesterday.
I was planning to send a handwritten love letter to my girlfriend but I sadly realized that I no longer remember how to write in cursive, because for years I have only been writing on my smartphone or using the keyboard. I will be able to use these days or months to re-cultivate a correct handwriting, with the lessons that the teachers give to 6-year-olds.

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