Nofap is not antidote

Guys the nofap is a positive movement that help people rewrite their minds,which has and impact on their life.Sure it has some benefits but It’s not the key to happiness… It might help you find a reason regarding why you need a key in the first place, that something needs to change… Stop making everything about nofap… No your back isn’t hurting because of it and neither are your muscles gone… We accociate nofap with all those weird things that leave a bad image overall… Find what problem you have in every topic and deal with it…


I’ll explain you why many symptoms do not have a direct correlation with what may cuse them. For example: “Oh man my back hurts, I feel after fapping it gets worse”.

Ok first of all what has nofap to do with this. You are a fapper without healthy routines, you bang the meat 2 hours a day and do not even want to do nothing than binging netflix (just an example). So I can see you have no discipline at all and you are addicted to instant grattification. Will nofap heal my whatever? First of all you need to rewire your brain to stop being a shit. Nofap can help you, in many ways it is the PILL you need to take to start a new life.

Important Fapping to P has a direct correlation to dopamine, serotonine and acetylcholine levels. Having low serotonine levels is a precursor of pain without even having real physical damage. As having low dopamine can result on a bad digestion. SO PLS, I know you want to help others, but first of all study about nofap, and secondly do not discourage people on their why. They can believe whatever they want and it will make them to succed faster than the ones who don’t believe. Mind is powerfull.


My opinion stays, I completely disagree with you and if you think your back hurts because of masturbation, then believe your pseudo science, what said was people think masturbation is the problem to all their problems. It’s not. I have seen a lot on this thread to be able to have an opinion and I know what Is true and what Is not. Have a nice day.


Not much to say about that. If it is your opinion then you have to deffend it. Keep fighting!


Don’t worry, I fully support your opinion and there are many others who do too.
But many people don’t like it because it makes everything harder. It removes the magical cure of nofap and instead there are things you just have to live with and other things where you also have to invest time into.

I think there are things which are related to porn. I know, that I tense up a few specific muscle groups during watching porn. This leads to head and stomach ache.
But there are also medical conditions which have other sources and they won’t go away.

The point where I disagree the hardest with most people is mental issues. I think that most of us watch porn because of mental issues and not the other way around.
I almost committed suicide a few years back because of mental problems. (for ex. social anxiety. I wasn’t able to pick up a phone and was sick on every birthday, christmas and so on.). During the last years, I worked hard to address these issues and now, I live an amazing life. Something I never thought would be possible. Even though I still watch porn a lot
I think, with mental problems, the underlying issue has to be addressed.

So, don’t get discouraged by the voices against your opinion


Bro… That’s hard, I hope you are ok and if you ever want to talk to someone I’m here.:heart:

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