NoFap is NOT about avoid fapping

NoFap is NOT about avoid fapping.

Yesterday I went on some discussions and newly open treads that had all one thing in common: Misconception about this subreddit and the benefits that it could provide. First of all, not masturbating won’t give you “superpowers”, it doesn’t work that way, but the time you will gain from taking away the unhealty habits can be converted for exercise, meditation, reading, writing, and other more useful activities that will actually benefit you. The point of coming here isn’t to show off the number of days you go without PMO, not to find a way to successfuly hit on girl and to get laid (or even have a bigger pnis, yes I read that too), but to recognize the harmful behaviour you have when whatching porn, what it does to your mind, to your self-esteem, and how it objectifies the body of the side you’re interested in. And you have to work with that, quitting porn and masturbation won’t be any good if you don’t replace it with something else, more positive. Finally, when you start to rewire your brain, to excersie, to gain motivation, THEN all the other benefits start to show off. Remember: this is not a journey about finding a better thing to masturbate to, but to find a better version of yourself.

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I don’t completely agree with you. I think that whatever motivation works to quit point is great.
But I think this is where you sum it up perfectly:

Well said :+1:


For quitting porn anything will do. Now if the energy stuck in nuts ain’t transmuted into something creative, there are even better chances of getting back to the ways which had been detrimental from the beginning.