Nofap insane mode (super hard mode): 90 days from 12/07/2021 (entries closed)

Insane mode or super hard mode or real mode or pure mode:

  1. Immediately blocks impure thoughts as they arise.
  2. Don’t undress in front of a woman, don’t talk to her about sex, no foul language, don’t tell her about this Nofap path, even if it is for a good purpose (exercise your sense of decency).
  3. Don’t wear clothes that are too elegant when the context doesn’t require it and don’t exalt you when others say or write vulgar things and not be vulgar with anyone.
  4. Do not boast of your decency with a woman for the secret desire to obtain a “reward” on her part, because this is pride and pride is the enemy of decency.
  5. Guard the eyes not looking at any woman who might arouse unclean thoughts. If your eye falls accidentally, don’t dwell on it and thinks about other things. Obviously don’t “pick up”.
  6. Nofap, Noedge, Nopeeking, Noporn, Nopothos and Nosex.
    Nopeeking, Noporn and Nopothos except if accidental. In that case, you must immediately take your eyes off those images and think about something else.
  7. Immediately crush your urges, mortify yourself.
  8. Sex doesn’t have to be either the goal or the idol of your life.

The infringement of only one of the points above, involves the exit.
Try to make a daily success report based on my timezone GMT+2. I’ll let you know when you can check-in daily, don’t worry about the time zone. :slight_smile:
If I don’t receive at least one report every 3 days, the participant unfortunately leaves.
This also applies to me.
Check-in always refers to the previous day and not to the same day.
Since this is a challenge with well-defined rules, the days of abstinence spent before entering in this challenge do not matter.
Within this challenge, each new entry will always start from day 0 (but don’t reset your counter).

The nocturnal pollutions do not involves the exit, as they only involves a desire that is not yet well dominated, a piece of advice is to sleep in a supine position.

To apply the above points, you have to be willing to suffer.
The reward you give yourself is huge!
To block the thoughts, don’t fidget but relax.
The desire for worldly things is the root of pain.

Registrations are open from today 12/07/2021 until 22/07/2021, for a duration of 90 days.
To enter you must provide me with your valid sharing code.

Today 16/07/2021 (GMT+2):

Name Status Daily Check Will win on date
unknownentity In :white_check_mark: Done 15/10/2021
rohankians In :white_check_mark: Done 14/10/2021
Champ21 (RewbeccaNumber1) In :white_check_mark: Yesterday 13/10/2021
karthik_5113 In :white_check_mark: Two days ago 12/10/2021
hvs_11 In :white_check_mark: Done 12/10/2021
Kemocengbersih (TobatNak) In :white_check_mark: Yesterday 11/10/2021
Swiss In :white_check_mark: Yesterday 11/10/2021
wall-e In :white_check_mark: Yesterday 10/10/2021
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The following people are NOT participating in the challenge yet, waiting for their sharing code.
They have until 22/07/2021:


Take me in, I need this.


What is your sharing code?


Sharing code - trtoly
H.S. -30 Days
C.S. - 6days


Ok vickyx, you have been added.


Add me please,
Sharing code: 0ow5v1
current streak: 30*
I am wondering, Are there any specific rules for this 90 days challenge?


The infringement of only one of the points above, involves the exit.
Make a daily success report.
This also applies to me.

The nocturnal pollutions do not involve going out, as they only involve a desire that is not yet well controlled, a piece of advice is to sleep in a supine position.


Add me too
Sharing code: d10mfl
Highest streak: 13 Days
Current streak: 4 days


Copy that. Somedays, I may not check-in but surely in a week update. And yes relapse means exit :slight_smile:


Add me in
SC : v7tlec


Dude, if I may ask,
How can we block the thoughts? I don’t get it… I mean is the mastery over thoughts possible?
I have this doubt that has been bothering me since I started no fap… If we can block our thoughts then nofap is so easy!!!

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Thoughts cannot fail to arrive but they can be blocked immediately as they arise.
It’s a very rare gift that thoughts don’t even come.
Yes, it is possible to master thoughts and we can block them by replacing them with other kinds of thoughts.
If you do this by fidgeting, instead of abandoning yourself, the bad thoughts don’t go away.


Please let me ask you some questions.

Why do you make it harder than as it is? Why is it a thing around the forum to make even harder challenges? Why do you think you can deal with a harder challenge when most didn’t grew through a simple one? Why does it feel like you make it harder, because you want to punish yourself with nofap for your fails? Nofap is not a punishment, but a way to freedom from this sin.
I find no logic in this thing but I’m not against it, I just wanted to ask your motives on it? Could you please share it?

I was the same way skeptical about cold showers, but a few people shared their experience, and reasons for it. I learned the benefits of it and I found the healt reasons logical, so I already started taking cold shower for almost 2 weeks now. I can accept your reasons too, if you have valid ones. So please share it with me.
Thank you!


I am happy to share my subjective reasons.

Why do you make it harder than as it is?
Because more is difficult the path, more is high the reward.
Sex must disappear from idols and be hated. Even the hard mode approach is not enough to achieve this, as it aims to “load the cannon”, charging you with quality (and semen) for the wrong purpose, that is, learning to obtain the impure act with the partner (rather than alone), rather than understanding that without sex one is able to love and that it should be used as a gift and for the offspring, rather than as self-fulfillment.
The hard-mode method, once finished, can make you fall back into the habit once you find your partner and in the condition of unhappiness you had previously, making you regret the good times you were in the period of abstinence.
In fact, some people testify that after many days (for example 200) they fell back into the spiral of vice. This happens because the path is undertaken while maintaining a wrong mentality. In fact, for the success of Nofap, we necessarily imagine ourselves with a woman next to us, obtaining what we have envied of others all our life, that is the impure act with a real partner.
Often during the hard-mode you can find a partner because you are much more thirsty for vice and therefore you are much more active and motivated in the search for a partner to be able to satisfy it, being that you have prevented yourself to self-satisfy it.
Instead, the insane mode will allow you to remove sex from your idols and in this way you can truly understand if you need a partner to love or if you prefer to live alone.
Removing the idolatry of sex will make you happy, and the genuine goal of Nofap should be just that.
What is the most beautiful thing in the world? The sex.

Why do you think you can deal with a harder challenge when most didn’t grew through a simple one?
Because paradoxically it is easier to block urges if you block thoughts in the bud, rather than in subsequent moments, even if this costs you to accept a greater mortification of your body.
Also because the approach of the simplest challenges is not entirely correct. In fact, urges should not be blocked after having already made a thousand impure thoughts, being pleased with them, but impure thoughts must be blocked and hated as soon as they are born, this causes greater happiness and satisfaction.

Why does it feel like you make it harder, because you want to punish yourself with nofap for your fails?
Because it is not punishment but liberation. There is nothing that makes you freer and happier than knowing how to dominate your thoughts.


Bro this way of thinking is the first I’ve read,
So, are you gonna teach us like some tricks to build that mentality or we have to hustle on our own?

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The trick is to become aware that living thinking that sex is the best thing makes us live according to it. Living according to it makes us unhappy if we don’t get it, it is slavery. The trick is knowing that love of neighbor is so much better than sex, which instead objectifies the neighbor, depersonalizes him, is therefore a form of non-love. Taking sex out of your goals rips the chains from your soul.


@Riky92 bro is there any score board, are you tracking? What’s the plan?

Can i join today because i found this post today

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I also want to join.

If I relapse this time in 90 days, I will just break up with my gf and will send you all the screenshots.

I am done with this shit.

Sharing code - 1f2avi

I don’t want to die friends😔

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Take me in bro…I want in​:muscle:t6::100: