Nofap Hard mode tips!

People who aren’t on NoFap say we believe in “superpowers.”

I say, let them laugh. More superpowers for me.

No, I don’t believe in flying, invisibility, or any comic-book hero stuff. But I do believe in boosts to confidence, motivation, energy, and attention from the opposite sex–all at a level beyond what you’re used to.

Superpowers are relative. “I madeout with three chicks tonight!” is a slight improvement for one man while “I said hi to a girl without my voice cracking” can be a major leap forward for another.

But the superpowers are there, as long as you know how they work. (Did you know that eating egg yolks at night can give you a superpower boost the next morning? Life is funny when you probe for answers.)

The Formula

I get in-depth with why all of this stuff works, but I thought I’d start with the tl;dr at the beginning.

Caveat: Ladies and gentlemen, please consult your physician before beginning any new superpower program.

Here it is:

RULE #1: Total self-sexual abstinence. No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no edging, no thinking about edging, no talking about thinking about talking about thinking about edging. Pretend edging isn’t even a thing.RULE #2: Eliminate or significantly reduce exposure to artificial sexual stimulation. Only exception: if you’re watching a movie or TV show with someone else.RULE #3: Limit Social Media (including Reddit) and Internet time to one hour daily.Rule #4: Limit junk foods, particularly sugar and wheat. Eating fat from good source is okay.Rule #5: Meditate 10 minutes daily.Rule #6: Take a cold shower daily.Rule #7: Get a good night’s sleep as often as possible.

Rule #8: Do resistance-based exercise 2-4 times per week.

Why Rules #1 and #2 work

Why Rules #3 and #4 work

Why Rules #5 and #6 work

Why Rules #7 and #8 work

As you can see, every point has a link pointing to a page that explains why each of these points might be relevant to your NoFap journey. There’s a reason I tell you to work out, and it’s not just to “hit the gym, bro.”

That’s it. That’s the formula. Do this for a few weeks and enjoy your superpowers, enjoy the attention from the opposite sex, and enjoy the sore cheeks from smiling all the damn time.

What, you’re still here? You don’t trust me?

Fine, let’s talk about why this works.

The Pocket Guide to Healthy Hormones

If you would, indulge me in a metaphor.

There’s this hormone you have called insulin. It does a lot of stuff, but its chief usage is regulating your blood sugar by bringing it down to healthy levels.

If you constantly eat sugar, you start to get chronically high levels of insulin in response.

Eventually, your body can’t keep up. It’s so used to being blasted with insulin that it grows desensitive to it. (Sound familiar?) It becomes insulin resistant or insulin tolerant.

Because of this effect, it takes more and more insulin in your blood just to get your body to respond the same way it did when you were healthy.

You may know where I’m going with this.

Dopamine is the insulin.

Porn is the sugar.

What does that have to do with superpowers? Well, let’s think about this from the perspective of kryptonite. Hey science, what does dopamine tolerance do to your social anxiety?

It makes you socially anxious.

Guess what else dopamine desensitivity does? According to YourBrainOnPorn, dopamine desensitivity fucks you up in the following ways:

Fucked libidoMore anxietyLess risk-takingInability to concentrateLack of motivationApathy, procrastinationDepression

Gentlemen, the kryptonite is real, and its name is dopamine tolerance.

Many guys restore themselves to a state of natural confidence and amazingness by removing their kryptonite. Some guys, with deeper social anxiety, will see improvements, but won’t become social butterflies without further goading.

But even if you don’t believe in the superpowers, at least believe in the kryptonite.


Funny and good article :smile:
I definitely agree with all point but one minor.

I think that this is exactly the behavior we are fighting here. Why should I wanna make out or fuck with multiple women? I wanna have ONE girl and treat her like that. I wanna treat her as the single closest person I have

But the rules are great. Keep moving on

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