NOFAP (Disciplined, focused, masculinity, dominating male)

Its 5:13 pm, 6 nov22 just relapsed

I’m starting the journey from today feeling power less, demotivated, finished

Bad habits which leads me to fap, watching porn, abusing, careless unhygienic coomer :–

No goal in life
No proper routine
Staring women body parts in public and in metro while traveling to my office
Shameless behavior
No fair of god, no pray
Eating fast food
Girls, girls sex fk her, fk her thoughts all the time while seeing any girl
Social media girl stalker
Porn, adult movies

Enough , want to overcome the addiction from this movement till the day i die i will never masturbate i will promise to my self in the name of old gods and the new gods

I’m 23 year old male, name rajnish , indian


Aye king
well here you go warrior,
you are refusing Weakness and you want to be comes Better version of yourself, you take you made the choice of change that’s things you mast be proud of
hope you get what you want to keep going and never give up
Refuse society,
“porn is free because you paying with your soul”
don’t fall into that trap don’t waste your manhood on Stupid pornstars who are losers in Thiere life don’t fall for the society girls wants attention, they are hunting weak mans
They are losers hunting losers don’t be loser
keep your eye straight to your goal and don’t give a damn shit about any girl in the street , keep focusing on your goals start making routine
i would like to suggest you on of youTubers will help you ruch and fix your life
keep going man on your road,and keep us update day by day Don’t give up.
in case you wanna something, i wanna make some friends here lol add me on Instagram “ghostvndx”