Nofap conversation group + advice


That quote up there means: Even dust piled up becomes a mountain. If you take this recovery process one day at a time, you will see your days pile up like a mountain.
Just think about this quote when you think to yourself, ’ Oh one more time won’t make it any worse.’ We all know what happens when we say this to ourself

Just focus on something that takes your mind off of your addiction ( something that isn’t another addiction)


One thing that works for me is when I am about to relapse, I take a look at my current counter since nofap, and say to myself “is it worth destroying all your efforts?”

I am now at 44 days almost half of the 90 days challenge I set myself to clear.

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When I’m about to relapse I just think of how dumb is to waste my effort in something that makes my **** hurts.

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