NoFap Champion 2019 🏆



Add yourself on the Train… babe.

If you dont mind… can you be the manager of the Scoreboard. It is messed up.


It’s not the shitty idea, many people liked this idea last year when I was here. & We succeed.
If you don’t like it why you didn’t Left this topic earlier?

@Resurrection I am not the inventor of this day 0 idea I saw somewhere. That’s why I came with idea.

However @AnkitK feel, it’s his wish… I can’t stop anybody thinking. Let him think. I came here to help everyone, to achieve something big, which I haven’t done before. I thought you guys support me but you guys are doing bitching behind me.
Let it be.
Do whatever you want.


Cool down bro… we all are brethrens… we should respect each other views.

Sometimes… its good to have a belly laugh. All time serious & angry do no good.

We all are with you.
Dont take it to the heart.


There is no problem with starting from day 0 in some cases. However here there is simply no need. Because here its not about streak building, it about not relapsing and gettting ,:x:. So its a survival game.


Resurrection is now banned from this community. People who want to take charge of this group can vote among themselves and inform me or any of the mod to get the group’s ownership.


I want to be the owner of this group till @resurrection comes back. I hope he will come back. I will manage this group till that time if other members are okey with it.


Yes, please do it. If anybody is inactive, you can kick out.


I support @Aragorn as well.


Man I’m still with you. We’re not even halfway thru Jan.


Okey @AnkitK.

What do you think about how mang days if inactivity by a member qualify them to get thrown out of the group?


Thanks for the support.

Let’s not let this group die.


24years male from india
Highest streak 65 days
Current streak 4days
Sharing code 2b3e8f7


Add yourself to the scoreboard at the bottom. I will reorder later according to your streak.

And welcome


You can keep it 10 days.


Congratulations @Aragorn, you are the owner of this group now.
Please edit the first post. It is written by resurrection as first person.


I will do it soon. At work now.

New people are joining every day.
For eg: If some one joins on 25th January, and have a clean streak next 6 days, should we give him a badge for that month?

Won’t it be a injustice who has joined from early days of the month and fought well to maintain the streak.?

Should we put a last date for joining for the month? Like, if some one joins after 20th of each month, he wont be considered for the badge of that month.

Should we include some rules like that?
Or will it complicate things further?

What is your opinion guys.


After seeing the current streaks of new members, you can put a mark (blue or orange diamond) against their names. If someone relapsed before coming, in the same month, then you can put an orange mark.
:large_orange_diamond: not eligible for next badge
:large_blue_diamond: eligible for next badge

Since current streaks can say enough, there is no need of last date of entry and other complications. We will keep it simple. :+1:


Good idea bro. Thanks for that. You really have an intelligence of an IIT guy.

I will do like that once am at back home.


I think you should give the first badge freely to all survivors because many current members have low streaks.


Brilliant suggestion @AnkitK