NoFap Champion 2019 🏆



:crossed_swords::crossed_swords:No problem bro I’m always with you to give a tuff competition.:joy::joy::smiley:


Hum to yehi हैं ली brother… But kahin tum mat हिला लेना :joy::grimacing:


Code: bfce9e9
Age 17
Best strike: 25
Current strike: 0
Location Italy

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Name - Accelerator1
Sharing code - 07090y
Longest & current streak - 56 days
Sex - M


code: 826714
Country: USA
Age: 22
Sex: male
Ready to live or die!
Mark my words 2019 will be an epic time that won’t be forgotten. History will be made. New life. Let’s go. Add me. No more words. More action.


@WalkWithoutFear @Accelerator1 @bogmihai64

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“Look at the sparrows; they do not know what they will do in the next moment. Let us literally live from moment to moment.”


Longest Streak : 432 days
Current Streak : 432 days
Age: 16
Genter: Male
Status: Single
Country: Greece
Sharing Code : 643a31


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Please take me in your competition also.
Sharing code: ea2bde
Current Streak: 2 days.
Highest Streak: 26 days.
Status: Single
Gender : Male.
Location : Turkey.


Hey! Add me! I want to join!

Sharing Code: 35dc91
Current Streak: 8 days
Longest Streak: 40 days
Mode: Hard
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Status: Single
Location: Norway :norway:


Martial status: single
Longest streak: 45 days
Current $treak: 10 days
Country: [email protected]
Sharing Code: bvjmxm


Hey!! @Resurrection i am preparing for my board examination and my pre- boards are also coming.
So i am too busy now-a-days, please don’t eliminate me due to inactivity, when i get time i will change my streak on scoreboard.

Please don’t eliminate me if I’m not change my streak because i used to avoid using phone during examination.


Thanks for informing us… sikander… best of luck for your exams… the streak must live on.


@debue @Wise_Guy_97 @Mohanti

Plz add yourself to the scoreboard.


How do you do that? I’m lost unfortunately


I don’t struggle with masturbation but porn (OH GOD!


You are a basic user… spend some time in forum… in few days you would be able to edit the scoreboard.

Scoreboard is on page no. 2 of this topic.


You can do better bro… just become like a kid & disgust from porn.


For now… i have added you.