Nofap and sex problems

Hey guys…did anybody here do high streak nofap and sex? I have a problem that I will ejaculate too soon on nofap amd I’m kimda scared. If anyone is an expert on that matter and wants to dm me, I’m here…

Are you in a relationship with your sexual partner or are you switching to different ones ?

Very good question… I’m not having any sexual intercourse with anyone right now… So I’m safe.and if I have a very loyal gf, it won’t be a problem I think. But if I have one night stands and stuff like that… What Am I suppose to do? Can i masturbate one time the day before? Or The same day?

Don’t think about premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

Just do Mediation, Exercise and stay away from porn or sexual thought with nofap

You can see the result when u do sex.

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I have seen it. It relation with the ejaculation it’s not good.

You should Do kegel exercise

I did my brother but after sometime I feel my penis sore. I’m afraid I’ll overdo without realizing it… I don’t want to create very stiff pc muscles…

Thn u should consult with doctor

That’s not… Forget it

Cuming too soon is a result of novelty. Every new sexual encounter will make you O in no time. The more often you have sex with ONE partner, the longer it will take you to reach climax. There’s even a graph for this phenomenon. Look it up! Hope it helps

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