Nofap and muscle gains

I have gone to the gym for over a year now. On the internet I read alot about nofap and muscle grow. But the thing is a lot of articles are conflicting to other articles. Some say nofap will help, others say it will work negatively. My question is: cans anyone with expierence tell me his/her experience. I have a streak of 2 weeks now, never had more days so I dont feel effect yet.

I don’t think there is enough studies to really say… But what i do know is that testosterone definately spikes at the 7th day of abstinence. Now if it also spikes at other days after i can’t say… But in my opinion the withholding of all the minerals and nutrients that semen has can only be a benefit to your body. It would be like constantly losing blood to the amount that your body has to always produce more. Blood doesn’t come free. It would need to suck up any nutrients you give it and anything that’s in your bone marrow (and or) anything that isn’t of priority to your body because blood would be of first priority just like mating is a HUGE priority to you and the species survival. But that’s just my take on it, you can take it or leave it.


Nofap will make you a beast when you talk about physical excercises or gym :muscle:

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Think about it athletes don’t fap when they have match why?

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Well that is interesting. But testosteron spikes after 2 weeks right? I mean I feel like it doea for me at least. I read about semen retention. I guess Im gonna find out myself. But mike tyson used to watch alot of porn before he went in the ring, so that kind off contradict it.

It’ll vary from person to person but it gives more energy to exercise harder and for longer with so that’s a definite indirect way it helps muscle gain!

Thats true I think! I ll hope to experience it soon, still going almost 3 weeks now!

Well testosterone interacts with everyone a little different, maybe you already have a lot anyway or even the other way around you never know. If you haven’t felt any difference energy wise at 3 weeks then you probably won’t though.

I think I know the cause then. I use powder called pre workout. It is full of cafeine and this brand full lf creatine as well, I think that gives me so much energy, that I dont feel the extra one.

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That sounds very likely :slight_smile:

In my experience of lifting and fapping, you make gains, but they are subtle gains. Nothing major. Also, fapping mess with your nerves i believe, so its harder to have ROM in workouts after even a day of a fap.

Also, the psychological aspects that follow after a fap, are most likely sad or depressing, because now you wish you had someone to be with. Also the regret that follows, doesnt help build any kind of confidence, or foundation.

I have been hitting the gym for about 6 months now with almost no relapses. & i can say, that my workouts now are so much more intense, i can stare at anyone in the fucking eyes and not blink, and im actually starting to build and sculpt a body instead of just getting a pump. Mind to muscle connection is key fellas. and i feel so much more alive , and i am a whole new person from nofap.

Sex on the other hand will boost your T. You will still take a drain on your energy levels, unless if you can master the art of having orgasms without cumming. I have yet to do that but i heard its possible. But the repercussions will be no where near how a fap feels, and if you find a partner you have chemistry, you will gain energy from it. Atleast this happened to me a couple of times.

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Just relapsed after a few hours before 3 weeks. Im gonna create a diary after this post, feels like I need one.
My last streak was a new record. I have been going to the gym for a long time now. But even in my days where I relapsed once a day or so, usually once every 1-2 weeks lately, I was building alot of muscle fast. With the last 3 weeks I didnt see anymore growth, however 3 weeks might be to short to notice growth. But I do believe now that nofap helps with building muscle by providing you extra energy

The thing is that I am using a lot of powders (pre-workout, bcaa etc., giving me that effect but then extreme. You say you used to blink when staring someone in the eye? I dont know how it was a year ago, but lately with my 1-2-and now 3 weeks streak I never had a problem with that xD.

Well I never saw the problem with sex. As soon as I get married with my girlfriend (not before) I do want children, but for that semen has to leave the body