Nofap and fear of Marriage

Hello guys, i am new here i have been consuming pmo since i was a teenager but i was always a mild user i didn’t knew how bad this habit is actually and when I realised i was addicted to it . i have been on practicing nofap from a year but always fail at some point. My longest streak was 35 days my last relapse was 4 days ago. i am really depressed and worried about my marriage. i will be 26 thi January and in next few months i am going to get married to my beautiful fiance she is love of my life. she is the reason i which derives me to leave this filthy habit . i have read horrible things on internet that people who used to do pmo end up ruining their marriage life. i can’t imagine me being reason to hurt my love. currently i am not feeling any low libido , i am having perfectly aroused morning wood. but i am really scared that will me relationship will be ruined because of my dark past?

please someone guide and help me please.


Well most of us here have dark pasts .But overcoming that dark past and living happily is a big achievement that an individual can achieve. Instead of running from your past, face it with courage. Nofap is great and helps you to focus on other areas of life and helps you to escape this PMO trap…Don’t be scared of your past , just focus on your nofap journey and self development…

Well this is sad truth… This addiction kills us from inside and makes us a zombie , as we start treating women as objects and lose our purpose in life and inner motivation… Therefore It’s very important to escape this trap of PMO…

Don’t worry buddy , you will have a great marriage … We just need to kill this PMO addiction from it’s roots.


Thankew so much brother. i will never watch those pixels ever again. i just want to live a happy life and be a better man for my future wife .


As per karma If you Watched p0rn And Fapped Then same will happen to you in future.
May be your wife will Cheat you And Have Sex with Others. If you Can’t Full fill her
Who knows you will get Divorced After 10 years And Will pay penality


Don’t Spread Negativity :x:


Hey man
So I’ll tell u what happened with me
I have a gf and we broke up just before 4 years of relation
Because porn affected my thoughts
And I couldn’t think clearly
I didnt find her attractive
So after a month of breakup with 2 relapses
I went and spoke to her and told her the truth
She cried and then seeing her do so I couldn’t control myself
And from then on trying
And we are back
Now I dont know how
But It feels good being with her
I’m eager to spend time with her

Now it will surely affect ur marriage if u dont work through this
Telling from my experience
But since u have time b4 marriage give ur best
And take precautions as much as u can
Telling ur fiance or not is upto u
And how she will handle
If u dont wanna it’s fine
But just remember
Life is giving u a chance now to correct ur past mistakes
Dont regret it
U may never get another opportunity to correct things
Any help we are here
Dont lose hope
And dont give a damn about what people say on internet about marriages and all
It depends on u how u make things work
I can keep telling on this :sweat_smile::rofl:
But I’ll control
Stay strong
Stand in front of the mirror and tell u can win this battle and let’s goo
Happy married life in advance :laughing:
I wish I could come to the marriage to eat tasting food :rofl:(joking)
Stay happy brother


I do believe that karma hits back
But not necessarily the way u told
Also doing good deeds help bro
So just dont scare any 1 this way
U could put out things in a better way


Thankew so much brother. This is all what i needed to hear.May god always keeps both of you happy. i have already began rewiring of my brain , uninstalled Instagram and Facebook and only watching motivational videos on youtube . Yesterday night i had very strong urge and i was on the edge of relapsed but fortunately I didn’t fall into the trap again. Thankyou so much brother for motivating me . I really need this after very rude and hate comment i was thinking that i am a lost soul and their is no hope for me but your comment makes my day.

Thanks !


Thanks a lot for ur wishes
All the best for a better life
We can do this
Let’s grow a bit more than everyday passing


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