Nofap and Barbells Revamped: Achieve Goals

NoFap And Barbells! Join For The Challenge! Stay for the Support!

:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:ACCEPTANCES STARTS AUGUST 30! SAVE THE DATE! HAVE AT LEAST 1 DAY OF NOFAP DURING THE ACCEPTANCES TO QUALIFY! SEE YOU THEN!:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation: :calendar:

Game Objective: Earn Titles :trophy: :medal_sports: :medal_military: for: Losing Fat, gaining Muscle, completing Workouts , plus other life benefiting decisions that you make, including the fight to stop PMO. However, this group isn’t just for the challenge, because I wanted to make this group for people (myself included) to find support for weight loss, muscle gain, and other healthy achievements that you make, that aren’t necessarily related to NOFAP, but can be seen and possibly more understood from a fellow nofapper’s perspective.
Feel Free to share your daily health achievements with this group, and try to support others while you’re here too. Also you can ask questions, I mean I’m not sure if I can answer them, but perhaps someone can see it and help you out.

SUMMARY:This group is mainly for anyone who wants to share their weight loss/muscle gain journeys alongside their nofap lifestyle with people, and hopefully to get support along the way. For me I want to lose fat and reach my goal weight of 240 lbs/109 kgs.
Since this community is so helpful for getting out of pmo, I figured this same community could help with achieving something such as a body and lifestyle transformation.


Rule #1: Players must have a DWRC (Days Without Relapsing Count) of at least 01days:00 hours to qualify. You Can Do It!
Rule #2: After completing Rule# 1, players must do the following to get into this challenge:

  • Provide Your Information, including:
    • your Share Code
    • your Age
    • your Gender
    • your Location (Country)
    • your Current Streak
    • your Highest Streak
    • your General Fitness Goal: Gain # amount of Weight/ Lose # amount of weight
    • and lastly, you must say I abide by The Oath

RULE #3: Gain titles for every achievement you make that follows the achievements guidelines.
RULE #4: Relapsing Once after joining will not get you removed from the challenge.
RULE #5: Any Challengers Being disrespectful of others will be initially warned. If the warned player continues to be disrespectful, They will be kicked from the challenge.

Achievements Guidelines**

There are lot’s of different actions to do that can lead to earning a badge, The more frequent you do a certain type of action, the higher the ranking of a badge you can get. Here is the list of actions that I have thought of, and the different tiers that come with their repetitions:

  • Losing weight
    • 1 kg/ 2 lbs in a week
    • 2 kg/ 5lbs overall
  • Liftiing weights
    • Lifted today
    • Lifted Twice In a Week
    • Etc.
  • Wise Eating
    • No Soda
    • No Sugary Drinks
    • Fruits, Vegetables
      All things listed above being done just once will give you a badge each!
      Badges for categories that you first start are bronze, but when you do them more and more, you will unlock higher ranks for each applied category. And More is on the way! Rankings of badges go up from bronze all the way through to diamond! and maybe even a uniquely colored and styled badge for the most epic of rankings that are yet to come! (Sorry for such a currently un-delivering presence for this “game” I’ve started. But It’s going to get much better real soon!)

Example of Entry: My Entry

“Share Code: kdak5j
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location- US
Current streak - 18 days
Highest streak - 18 days
My Goal - Lose 90 lbs/40. kgs
I abide by the Oath

The NAB: AG Oath
I solemnly swear to tell the truth about my PMO Relapses, and to be truthful with the information of my fitness tracking Achievements. I will keep true to the members of this group, that I will not share lies that I know aren’t true. This I swear, or so help me I̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶d̶i̶e̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶, ok thats too dark. Basically, I know that I’m doing this for me, and I know there’s no point in lying for the sake of going up in this challenge, so therefore, I will stay honest and respect others.

*Rules made by soAnywaysIStarednotblasting are still a work in progress(WIP) and are subject to change at anytime, after being given reasonable thought and occasionally discussed amongst members. Any future updates and/or changes made to Nofap and Barbells: Achieve Goals’ list will be announced prior to a resulting change in the list. Account User soAnywaysIStartednotblasting respects his members and all of the rewire companion Community.

**Achievements Guidelines are still a work in Progress(WIP) and so, they too are subject to change, as well as to be increased and added onto it with more achievements. Because there are so many good achievements to be made, The list will continue to grow, but bare with me, because I think it will get really fun!. Thank you for your understanding, and your patience.

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Ranking By Badge Count:


Name: Murad
Location: Aze
Highest Streak: 7 days
Current Streak: Almost 2 days :expressionless:
Hi, there. Well, when I first started Nofap, I was 36 Kgs, ( I was 13 at that time ) so skinny, so weak. I started calisthenics first. With basic exercises like push ups, squats, burpees, sit ups and so on. Didn’t change me a lot. Guess why? Cause I wasn’t eating enough. Some people told me to use protein powders. I didn’t and I don’t do now. I won’t gonna go down with those traps again just how I did with masturbating.
Anyway, 4 months later I got small gains, really small, but I was proud. It got broken so soon. I got bullied later. I started to train kickboxing ( I actually wanted MMA, but it didn’t fit my body type ). I changed so much, I’m still training on it on Sundays. Then, when I turned 14, I started bodybuilding, too. Tried to create my own home gym with small things. At first, it was very primitive. But then I upgraded it over the time.
Right now, I’m doing calisthenics, bodybuilding, MMA training and yoga. And I’m having fun. It really is fun to exercise.


Info : 175cm/70kg /19yrs
PR’s : bench 90kg, Deadlift 130kg, Squat / (fucked up knee)

Goal : 78kg by next April
PR’s : bench 120kg,Deadlift 150kg,Squat /


Is using protein powder that bad? I thought it was just easily assimilated protein? Obviously, if you’re talking about steroids, that’s an issue, but I thought Whey protein and stuff was healthy. I really don’t know much about this. Could someone clarify?


Hey y’all. Just rejoined after a long absence. I’ve been struggling to stay consistent with my workouts recently. I’ve always had the challenge of being underweight like @muradelizade06 because I wasn’t eating enough either. No problem with protein powder for me. It’s one of the easiest ways to gain muscle and weight. I just need more discipline.

Currently I’m not lifting either as I wanted to restart my workouts using body weight before getting back to weights. I’m currently doing the 100 push ups app called Just 6 Weeks and 6 pack in 30 days plus running/walking training program from Jeff Galloway. Next I plan to start
5 Factor Fitness routine, then Super Bodies in 12 weeks. Eventually would like to add in boxing training too, which I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Currently weigh about 137 lbs. Height 5’6"
Age: 41

Good luck to y’all! Thanks for starting the challenge, @soAnywaysIStartednotblasting! Is the scoreboard forthcoming?

My goals today:
No fap
Run/walk 30 mins
Week 4 Day 3 in Just 6 Weeks
(Maybe) Day 7 in sit ups app


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@neetwarrior Bro, it’s definitely unhealthy. Just think about it, you eat so much meat a day and you don’t gain so much weight. But when use some grams of protein, you gain muscles fast. There’s probably something bad in it. I don’t know if it’s so much unhealthy or not, people keep saying that some years later it can also cause hair loss. I don’t know. But I will never try it. The healthy way is the way when you don’t take any supplements. But just eating healthy food, without turning into a vegan along the way.


Tough man, Glad to see youre not letting the downs get you. I plan on getting more weights soon too. Thank you for engaging in the club. Hope you continue to progress, the fact that we’re all in this app shows how powerful we can be in taking control of our lives. Lets get it.

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Hello MJ, Thanks for joining in the challenge. Unfortunately I made this group with no idea of a scoreboard in mind. Silly me right?. Thank you for reminding me, I will start drafting up a scoreboadrd list very soon(exact time in group details). But I’m glad we can do this and get our lives going better! good luck to you my friend!


First of all, do your research. Whey protein contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly. As it has been for more than 4,000 years, whey is created during the cheesemaking process and is a completely natural ingredient. The raw material in whey -based ingredients is milk.

Let me put it this way. You have your diet without protein and I’ll have mine. We’ll do blood test in 10 years and we’ll see who has better results yeah?. I’ve been taking whey protein for a long time, while always…and I mean always eating healthy foods (white meat, chicken, vegetables, little to no carbohydrates), drinking only water -4L daily and working out daily, no days off (except active recovery days). That took discipline. Many years alter, did blood tests, liver, kidney and the results are incredible. So, it’s not protein powder, or it has little to no effect, while many people who stuff burgers and pizza down their throat with sprite, having never done a research on this kind of things, talk about protein powder taking negative effect on the body.

Oh god… I won’t comment on that. That’s steroids, not protein.

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You have already made your choice. If you think it’s healthy, continue using it. I’m not telling that I’m 100% sure that I’m telling the truth.
I didn’t know that whey protein was there for 4,000 years, also.
And for the last sentence:


Yeah plenty of doctors on youtube.

I’m speaking from personal experince. Since I switched my diet from fast food many years ago, to the one, I have now - in which I include whey, I noticed many changes - ZERO acne, better blood, kidney and liver test results, clear skin, muscle gain, more energy and overall more strenght with sharp&focus thinking.
I also take vitamins, omega 3, black seed oil and magnesium with zink.
Never felt better in my entire life,mentally and physically.
That’s my case closed.


Well, that’s your experience and probably the experience that people will probably get, but I won’t. Even if I would want to use whey, my pockets will disagree. So that’s more than no.


All right, fair. I respect that. Wish you all the best in the future brother.
Stay sharp.


Best of luck tou, too. Keep on exercising, bro.


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