noFap, a fight against what?

This morning I was thinking when I had the following thoughts. I would be really curios of what you think.

The “fight”, if we want to call it in this way, it’s not only against pornography and excessive masturbation. They are the risults of our humans minds that get used to indulge on useless tentations for get some pleasure. The fact is that modern world is full of easy tentations and easy pleasures. Therefore noFap allows us to devolp the disciplin needed to avoid falling in our daily tentations.

Really sorry for my english, I hope you understood.

Have a nice day.


Completely understand you.
For me, nofap was always a part of a larger goal. It’s not just about not fapping.
I think we live in a world were addictions are all around us, no one can just wait for 5 minutes and not check his phone, every advertisement has to show almost naked women and so on.

I just wanna break this for myself, breaking this cycle of bad habits


for me noFap is an ultimate discipline training and self development. Sex or reproduction is one of the basic goals in animals, human as well, and it rewards us with high dose of dopamine and feeling of fulfillments. Thus, abstaining from it will test our soul and spirit, mind and mental, and our body.
For us, the digital generation children, this might be the most difficult discipline due to the ease of implicit and explicit pornography through internet, tv, music, comic and novel which are now freely accessible.
This fight is to also to claim our time which is lost in unreproductive reproduction activities.

I think that summarize my thoughts


Yes Bro you are right. Temptations are everywhere nofap develops a discipiline which ultimately develops self control and confidence finaly. Make us master of our bodies.