Nocturnal Emissions

Hi all PMO warriors. I would like to know about the medical significance of the Nocturnal Emission. Is it beneficial for the mind & body or not?

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By all logical ways, Nocturanl emissions or wet dreams are excess fluids in your body that unconsciously come out during your full or half deep sleep, without your knowledge.
First 4 months of nofap, you will experience them more.
Do meditation and journaling before sleep.
These two will help you.


well as afar as i know you can not realy control wet dreams xD

they definetly do not count as a relapse since they are not nearly as hormone(etc…) intense as PMO. it is jsut your body dealing withthe over flow. i personally have had those only after day 50 and above.

no idea with regards to benefits though… hope that helps


Very informative. Gratitude brother, I really didn’t know such thing which you elaborated. It’s my 32 day of MO & 55 day to porn. I am facing the Flatline.


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