No title can describe

relapse relapse relapse , again and again

ten years of going down
ten years if being addicted
ten years of depression
My life has been really abad joke

how can i describe it ?
it has been an ugly
it hasn’t been fixed with all efforts

my career is going bad
my dream girl wedding is going be the next month, and guess what? I was invited as a guest

My soul can’t afford anymore

how has it gone that bad !!!

anyone tell me ?:disappointed_relieved::sob:

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Don’t give up hope and keep hustling. Your goal is high and noble. And your dream girl is not what you can’t get now. But she is where you will get her through controlling your sexual desires. Because by controlling your desires you will be focused man. And focused man attracts everything which he want to achieve. That’s all secret. Don’t dream girl dream about becoming a focused man.


It’s hard but slave to pn and master*** can’t be a badass Rayleigh or gol d Roger. If I put it simple.


Yo i am a addict also for many years but i didnt know it. I wasted a lot of years and oppurtunities but i didnt realized what was causing it. Now i and u can know and learn everything about it. And so beat it so come on brother i look up too u that u are being so strong too talk about it here. From Amsterdam tip: search up semen retention on youtube

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