No sex-drive help

Im not attracted to sex, Girls, porn anymore…
I started with nofap to get laid because of the superpowers, It worked at the start but now on my 66 days streak i just dont care, im getting texts from múltiple girls to hangout but i just ignore them because im not feeling It, im i gay? Im i asexual? I want to be horny again help me pleaseeee!
Im latino btw sorry for the bad inglés

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Maybe you just dont see the point in chasing girls and only want your dreams to come true. Ive hit this point in my life, and its kinda great, cause girls arent everything in life.


Just sounds like a flatline man, I’m in one myself. Sex drive should come back by Day 90 according to most people.

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There are more things than sleeping with lots of different woman, sometimes even as men we don’t wish to admit it but we long for deeper more meaningful relationships. Fucking the same slutty girls with empty heads won’t interest you forever, maybe you want a partner that you actually want to hang out with who shares your values and interests. It also seems like you haven’t dealt with why you started, sex addiction can be just as bad as porn addiction, it seems like it has the same problems as pmo, low libido, erection problems etc. Often we go to porn or sex to escape the problems in our life, maybe something is causing you stress or you’re depressed. I think writing down your thoughts in a journal or diary is a good way to figure out what is really bothering you. Good luck, I hope your situation improves.


One question having sex is a relapse ?

I Will try the journal thing thanks

In my opinion so long as you actually care about the woman and respect her and aren’t just using her for nothing but your own pleasure than I don’t think sex as a relapse, but you need to decide for yourself what you consider to be a relapse. Tho I would recommend you stop all porn and etrotic images viewing, even Instagram, Facebook, social media girls etc.

Depends if you’re doing hardmode or not. If so, yes.